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How to Pack Your Kamloops Storage Unit Efficiently and Safely

If you a renting a storage unit in Kamloops (hopefully with Valleyview Mini Storage!) you’ll need to learn the fine art of storage packing. It’s easy if you follow a few simple guidelines that make packing your storage unit efficient, give you easy access to your belongings, and don’t hurt your back! 10 Golden Rules of Storage Unit Packing The following “golden rules” of storage unit packing will help ensure your belongings are protected and more easily accessed when needed. Always protect your breakables Use blankets, packing paper and bubble wrap liberally. Use “fragile” stickers or write “Fragile” on the…


Spring Cleaning & Decluttering
Our Kamloops BC Storage is the final step

If you are about to start your spring cleaning, our Kamloops BC storage facility is the final step in decluttering your home. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to identify belongings that are stored away in corners of rooms, under beds, in basements, or in garages or sheds. Over the years, things we no longer need, or only need seasonally, tend to pile up. This is truer of family homes with kids, but even single people accrue belongings that takes up valuable space and make a home look messy.


How to Pack a Moving Truck for Kamloops Storage or Moving – Use Plenty of Packing Supplies and these 10 Tips

If you’ve rented a moving truck, or are packing your own truck or van, to move things to our Kamloops storage facility, you’ll need some packing supplies, moving boxes and a little know-how. The art of truck packing is simple to learn if you follow a few basic rules. Foremost in your mind should be the safety of your belongings. Packing a truck properly also maximizes space, so you’ll make fewer trips and spend less on the truck rental time and fuel costs.


Storage Containers – The Downside of Mobile Storage

If you are considering storage in Kamloops, you may lean toward mobile storage containers for their apparent convenience. Before you make your decision, it’s important to know the reality of drop-off/pick-up storage. While storage containers offer some convenience, there is also a downside when you consider the following.


Kamloops Storage Resolutions for 2017

With the year drawing to a close, it’s a good time to think about resolutions for the new year, including what we like to call “Kamloops storage resolutions” to free up some valuable space in your home. First, we’d like to thank our customers, both past and present, for your patronage over the years. Valleyview Mini Storage has strived to meet the needs of countless customers, providing the only video monitored, climate-controlled storage units in Kamloops, as well as moving and packing supplies, all at very competitive prices. We’ve met many great people that have played a part in making…


A Document Retention Policy, Moving Boxes and Secure Document Storage. Why Your Kamloops Business Needs Them.

If your Kamloops office is going paperless or running out of space, perhaps it’s time to pack those documents into moving boxes and bring them to a secure, climate-controlled self-storage facility. Valleyview Mini Storage is well set up to handle your document storage. First, you need to know about what can be moved out of your office and moved into storage.


2016 Kamloops Food Bank Drive Another Success!

Once again this year, Valleyview Mini Storage supported the Halloween Kamloops Food Bank Drive by collecting food and cash donations at our office. This year, The Barn Haunt Vale Family Yard Haunt, Valleyview Mini Storage, and other Kamloops sponsors collected 2000 lbs of food and $1200 in cash donations. We were proud to contribute to this terrific cause to help the local community.

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