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Safely Packing and Moving Your Collectibles to a Kamloops Storage Facility

If you are a collector of any kind, and you’ve decided to move your collectibles into storage, you’ll need know how to safely pack and move items to a Kamloops storage facility. The following tips will help ensure that your collection is safe from breakage, the environment, and theft.

  1. Always use plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap for breakable or easily damaged items.
    Whether it’s Royal Doulton china, antique porcelain dolls, or corn cob pipes, use packing paper or bubble wrap to line the bottom of the box, around each item and in spaces between items. When the box is full, finish with an ample layer of wrap or paper before closing and taping the box.
  2. Use smaller boxes containing fewer items.
    While packing material is vital, how many items you pack in a box is equally important to ensuring the safety of a box’s contents. If too many items are packed in a box, it leaves less “void space” to fill with packing paper or bubble wrap. More items per box also means items may be prone to bumping into one another when moved, or being crushed under the weight of others. They’ll also break more easily if the box is jostled or dropped. If, however, you pack fewer items, fill box edges and voids between items with plenty of packing material, the cushioning provided will help keep them safe.
  3. Catalogue collectibles as you pack
    Use labels to number or name your boxes. Enter the box number or name in a spreadsheet or on a notepad, and as you pack an item into the box, record it for reference. This will allow you to easily locate a collectible later.
  4. Mark boxes containing breakables with “Fragile”
    Use labels or a felt pen to mark the top and sides of boxes with “Fragile”. Mark boxes with “This end up” as necessary.
  5. If your collection is large, rent a moving van or truck to move them to a storage facility.
    While you may save money moving collectibles with your SUV or car, a proper moving vehicle with plenty of room, straps and moving blankets is safer. You are more likely to break something if you cram your SUV or car full of boxes.
  6. Insist on climate-controlled storage.
    Climate-controlled storage is important for valuable collectibles. Valleyview Mini Storage is climate-controlled, with the relative humidity and temperature maintained at levels that won’t expose valuables to extremes of cold and heat, or moisture which can cause mold, rot and deterioration.
  7. Insist on monitored storage.
    A secure, alarmed and video monitored storage facility is a must-have if you are storing valuable collectibles. Alarms and video surveillance stop and deter would-be thieves.
  8. Rent a storage space that is a little larger than you need.
    If you rent a storage unit that is just the right size or too small, you’ll find it difficult to move things in and out. The awkwardness and confines of a small space also increase the chances of dropping or bumping boxes.
  9. Insure valuable collectibles.
    Though our storage facility has insurance, it does not cover the contents of your storage unit. It’s a good idea to insure your collection for its estimated retail value. If you have a valuable collection, it should be insured, regardless of whether that collection is stored in your home or in a secure storage facility. Check with your insurer to see whether your home insurance will cover collectibles. In some cases, particularly with valuable collections, a standard home insurance policy won’t provide enough protection and you’ll need to request a policy endorsement to be added for “collectibles insurance”. Some policies will require an appraisal to determine the value of your collection.

Looking for a Kamloops Storage Facility for Your Collectibles?

If you are considering moving your collectibles into a Kamloops storage facility, consider Valleyview Mini Storage. We offer 45 different storage unit sizes to choose from in a climate-controlled, secure environment. If you have questions, contact us. We’re always happy to provide guidance.


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