5 Reasons Kamloops Storage Unit Makes Spring Cleaning Easier

5 Reasons Kamloops Storage Unit Makes Spring Cleaning Easier

If you’re planning spring cleaning, a Kamloops storage unit can help make your annual cleanup easier. Winter is nearly over and along with the season’s warmer weather and first blossoms often comes a desire to start anew. Whether you live in house, condo or apartment, a deep spring cleaning is easier if you can move the clutter to a storage unit.

1) Half of cleaning is clearing

Each spring, our Kamloops storage company becomes an important first stop for homeowners who are serious about their annual cleanup. They’ve embraced the art of “clearning” (clearing combined with cleaning), because they know that clearing is half the battle. Clear the clutter and your home will appear much cleaner right off the bat.! If you have a storage unit, you can clear out the basement, garage and closets. If you really want to go for it, you can temporarily move furnishings so you can finally get to those tasks you may have been putting off for years: floor refinishing, painting or remodelling.

2) Deep spring cleaning

If you rent storage from Valleyview Mini Storage, you’ll have no more excuses for putting off that deep cleaning you know your home needs. Let’s face it, most people superficially clean their homes and put off deep cleaning until “later”, but later never seems to arrive. “Out of sight, out of mind” works for awhile, but deep down you know there’s dirt, even if you can’t see it. Your home appears clean in passing, but if you move a couch or lift a rug , you may find an ecosystem of dust bunnies, grime, dropped food, pet hair and more.

Vacuuming, floor washing, cupboard cleaning, basement and garage cleaning are difficult to do when you live in the home, particularly if you’ve been there for several years or more. The accumulation of clutter, seldom-used belongings and seasonal items make it very difficult to deep clean. Moving the clutter to storage allows you to finally deep clean.

3) You can finally finish those floors

Hardwood floors or engineered hardwood floors look great, but they also get scuffed, scratched and stained. Many homeowners put off floor refinishing because it’s difficult or impossible to do when you live in the home. A room must be empty to refinish a floor properly. Sure, you could store your furnishings and window treatments to the basement or garage (if you have room), but temporarily moving them to storage makes more sense. Refinishing will be faster, and your furnishings will be safe from dust.

4) You can stop brushing off spring painting and renos

For some homeowners, spring cleaning, spring painting and minor renovations go hand in hand. Having a storage unit near your home makes spring painting easier and faster with fewer mishaps, because you can completely clear rooms being worked on. Valleyview Mini Storage is located on the Trans Canada Highway at Oriole, just a quick drive from most parts of Kamloops, so moving things to and from storage for spring painting or renos is convenient. Our Kamloops storage facility is secure, climate-controlled and open 7 days per week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

5) When it doubt don’t throw it out. Store it!

In spring, some people like to give away, sell, or temporarily store belongings that are taking up space in their home. If you can’t decide what to do with the clutter, store it and decide later. Many of our customers use their storage as a “way station” for belongings until they decide their fate.

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