6 Signs that it’s Time to Rent Storage in Kamloops BC   

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6 Signs that it’s Time to Rent Storage in Kamloops BC   

If your home or office is running out of room to store belongings that you’d like to keep, but don’t necessarily want under foot, maybe it’s time to call Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops, BC. Our convenient hours, location, great customer service, and large selection of storage units make us the #1 choice for residential and commercial storage.

The following are 6 signs that you’d benefit from having secure, climate-controlled storage.

1) You’re Using a Damp Basement for Storage

Basements are great for rugged items and belongings that aren’t affected by dampness. Mildew and mold are always a concern when you store items in a cool, damp basement. Wood, clothing, textiles, and documents can easily become damaged in the basement environment.

2) You’re Using a Damp, Non-Secure Garage for Storage

Garages, like basements, are often damp and not climate controlled, and experience extremes of heat, cold and humidity, all of which can damage items you store there. Garages are often not particularly secure. Most able thieves can easily break into a garage and be in out with your valued possessions in minutes. The head of Kamloops RCMP, Superintendent Syd Lecky, recently said he expects property crime to continue rising in 2021. Although property crime was down in 2020 compared to 2019, it may be because people were at home a lot during the pandemic, but when you compare the first quarter of 2021 with 2019, residential break and enters are up 35%.

Valleyview Mini Storage is climate controlled and secure. Our storage units are kept at a stable, moderate temperature and humidity, and our state-of-the-art video surveillance and keycard-only access keeps your items secure.

3) Your Closets are a Storage “Holding Area”

Bedroom closets sometimes become “holding areas” for belongings that are seldom or never used that you’re not sure what to do with in the moment. You may think to yourself “I’ll store these things here temporarily and deal with them later”, yet despite your intentions, you never get around to it. Wouldn’t it be great to move the items to a nearby Kamloops storage facility, reclaim your closets and use them for their intended purpose – storing clothing and footwear?

4) Your Exercise Equipment Has Become an Expensive Clothes Rack

Stationary bikes, rowers, steppers, and treadmills take up a lot of space. After awhile, people fall off their workout routines, or decide they’d rather exercise at a gym or walk or bike in nature. Your bike, rower or stepper may become nothing more than an expensive clothes rack!

Whether you have one piece of seldom-if-ever-used exercise equipment, or several, plus sporting gear, consider renting storage at Valleyview Storage.  Few Kamloops storage companies offer as many different sizes of storage units, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that’s right for you.

5) You’re Downsizing and Have No Space in Your New Home

Many “empty nesters” sell their house and move to a smaller house or an apartment. They lose space to store the things that have accumulated in their larger home over the years, and many of those belongings just won’t fit in the new home.

6) You’re a Full Nester

Many young adults move back home after college, or don’t leave, for many reasons, including student loan debt, unaffordable rent, and a lack of full time employment. This often means that the adult children will have belongings to store, particularly if they have lived out of their parental home for some time before moving back. Renting a storage unit can ease the burden placed on your home’s space.

When You Need Storage in Kamloops, BC Contact Valleyview Mini Storage

Whatever the reason is for your storage needs, consider Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops, BC for secure, climate-controlled residential and commercial storage. If you have questions about storage sizes and pricing, please contact us. We’re always happy to help!