A Kamloops Self Storage Unit Makes Painting Your Home Much Easier

Kamloops self storage home painting

A Kamloops Self Storage Unit Makes Painting Your Home Much Easier

If you’re considering painting your home’s interior, renting a self storage unit in Kamloops can often make the job faster and easier. Painting a home that you currently live in can be disruptive, messy, and time consuming.

While moving items to storage involves more work for the homeowner up front, doing so has many benefits. If you’re painting several rooms or your entire home, clearing furnishings and moving them to self storage while painting is underway will:

  • Reduce clutter, making painting easier and faster
    Ask any painter whether they prefer painting an empty, unfurnished home or a furnished home and all will answer “empty”. It makes nearly every aspect of the job easier, from prep to painting through cleanup. And easier takes less time and is thus less expensive.
  • Ensure your belongings are safe from dust, paint splatter and/or accidents
    During painting, accidents do happen, and probably happen more frequently when painters are working in furnished or congested and cluttered rooms. Covering furnishings with plastic helps, although moving furnishings to self storage is the only way to guarantee they won’t be damaged or left dusty if the painters have to sand walls and/or trim. Cleaning furniture can be extremely time consuming and/or costly.
  • Increase the quality of the painting
    If belongings are moved to a self storage unit, it’s easier for painters (or you if you’re doing it yourself) to do the work. If your home is furnished, it makes it difficult or awkward for painters to work and they may take shortcuts.
  • Save you money
    If you’re getting a painting estimate, and are a little budget-conscious, moving things to self storage to make the painter’s job easier will likely save money because the job will take less time. If the painter quotes a flat rate for the job, find out whether they’ll give you a discount if you move some belongings to your storage. If they charge you an hourly rate, find out how much time they save if rooms are cleared.

How to Use Your Kamloops Self Storage While Painting

If you’re painting two or more rooms or your entire home, then moving furnishings to a self storage unit makes sense. Because painting is usually done one or two rooms at a time (depending on the size of the rooms of course), you only need to clear one or two rooms the day before they are being painted.

The process would be as follows:

  • Prepare items for storage
    Pack items into boxes and cover furniture and other furnishings with tarps or moving blankets.
  • Move items into self storage
  • Room is painted
  • Move furnishings out of self storage

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Rent a Self Storage Unit in Kamloops

If you’re painting or renovating your home and need a Kamloops self storage unit, please contact Valleyview Mini Storage. We can help you choose the right size of storage unit. We also carry boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap, tape and other packing supplies.