The Best Kamloops BC Storage Facility for the Serious Hobbyist

The Best Kamloops BC Storage Facility for the Serious Hobbyist

If you are a serious hobbyist, you may want to consider moving your hobby supplies to what many consider the best Kamloops BC storage facility – Valleyview Mini Storage. Why? Over time, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of supplies. Whether you’re a weekend inventor, photographer, electronics buff of furniture restorer, you need space – often quite a bit of space. It doesn’t take long for gear and supplies to accumulate and overtake your home.

If you are currently storing supplies in your basement, garage, attic, or any nook and cranny you can find, you face the same frustration experienced by many hobbyists, you love your hobby, but you hate the mess, disorganization, and space required. This is especially true for hobbyists whose craft is a cottage industry that provides part time income.

What Kind of Hobbyists Benefit Most from a Storage Facility?

Having a locker at a Kamloops BC storage facility can benefit any hobbyist that has equipment and supplies that are taking up space in their home, garage or basement. The following types of hobbies tend to require more space than others.

Bicycle restoration
Items for storage: bike frames, rims, tires, handlebars, seats, derailleurs, freewheels and other bike parts, nuts, bolts, washers, brake cables and cable housings, tools, bike repair stands.

Items for storage: any large collection of items that need to be secure, safe and dry.

Computer building and repair
Items for storage: computer cases and towers, monitors, mother boards, CPUs, power supplies, system fans, hard drives, RAM, DVD drives. Peripherals: printers, faxes, speakers, webcams.

Furniture restoration
Items for storage: unfinished or finished furniture, woodworking tools and supplies.
Home brewing
Items for storage: brew kettles, plastic buckets and pails, keg tanks, casks, bottles, funnels and strainers, brewing sanitation equipment, cork presses, pumps, burners and filtration systems.

Jewelry making
Items for storage: beads, beading looms, crystals and semi-precious stones, rock tumblers, anvils, bench clamps and vices, wrenches, pliers, files and sanders, hammers, soldering equipment, wire, shaping tools, chain, braided leather and leather cord, jewelry cases and displays, gift boxes and bags.

Model railroading
Items for storage: complete trains sets, track, dioramas and scenery, diorama materials (clay, packing foam, modelling plastics), model train parts, tools and hardware, train transformers, lighting.

Photography and videography
Items for storage: cameras, lenses, tripods, bags, cases, lighting, shades, light bounce boards, green screens, dark room equipment (except flammable liquids).

Items for storage: completed pottery, greenware (unfired pottery), clay, pottery tools, potter’s wheels, small kilns, kiln furnishings, glazes, stains and waxes, accessories (pot handles, bottle stoppers, cork pads, spigots).

Items for storage: finished and unfinished projects, woodworking tools, toolboxes, unused drills, lathes, drill presses, bandsaws, table saws, jigs, work benches, vices.

How Safe are My Hobby Supplies in Your Storage Facility?

Your valuable hobby supplies are secure at Valleyview Mini Storage. Our storage facility has keycard-only access and 24/7 video monitoring. Your supplies will be very secure. It nearly goes without saying that our facility is much more secure than your garage or even your home!

Are My Supplies Safe from Heat, Cold, and Humidity?

Yes! Valleyview Mini Storage is a climate-controlled facility. Your hobby gear and supplies will be stored in a temperate and humidity-stable environment inside. This is particularly important for hobbyists who store wood, paper, and textiles.

Questions About Our Kamloops BC Storage Facility?

If you have questions about our storage facility, contact our helpful staff. We can help you choose the right size storage unit and answer any questions you may have.