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Is Your Kamloops Business Moving?
Part 1 – You’ll Need Moving Boxes, Moving Supplies and These Tips

If you’re moving your Kamloops business, there’s much more to it than packing moving boxes, driving from point A to point B, and unpacking. If only it was that easy! Organization is the key to a successful move — especially when relocating a business. Logistically, moving a business to a new location is complex. First, there’s visualizing where things will go in your new offices, when to do what part of the move, ensuring services are hooked up and ready when you’re in, and lastly, what to do if you find out your business equipment, furnishings, and other office items,…


Business Document Storage Tips

If your business is considering document storage in Kamloops, the following organization and document packing tips will save you some headaches and time down the road. First and foremost, the business mini storage facility you choose should meet the following requirements.


Packing Fragile Items for Moving or Storage in Kamloops

Whether you’re moving a few boxes or the entire contents of your home in Kamloops and need to place your belongings into storage, knowing how to pack fragile items can save you heartache, headaches, and money. With the following tips and the right moving boxes and packing supplies, your breakable belongings will remain safe.


Secure Mini Storage for Business in Kamloops

If you need mini storage for your Kamloops business, consider what Valleyview Mini Storage has to offer. Our secure, climate-controlled storage is ideal for business documents, inventory overflow, business equipment and office furniture. Rather than leasing more office space, reduce your business costs and avoid long-term lease commitments by renting a self-storage unit for only the amount of time you need it.


Tips for Packing Boxes for Your Kamloops Move

If you’re moving, either to a new home, or planning to store some items at our storage facility, first, visit us in Kamloops for moving boxes and packing supplies. Then, we recommend these helpful packing tips to make carrying, storing, and unpacking easier on your items, and your back.


New Year Cleanup and Storage in Kamloops

Like many Kamloops area residents, you’ve survived the holidays and may be wondering what to do with the seasonal items and gifts that have accumulated in your home. The clutter tends to grow with each passing season, leaving many of us wondering where to put it all. Should you store it at home, pile it in the garage, or rent a locker at a storage facility in Kamloops?


Apartment Self-Storage in Kamloops- Convenience May Cost You

Many Kamloops apartment residents face space dilemmas and a lack of self-storage. It’s the reality of living in a small space. There are entire magazines and websites devoted to maximizing small spaces — providing tips for making your apartment more livable and more functional. One big problem for small spaces is the spill-over effect. A room, often a spare bedroom or small office becomes a catch-all for eyesores you don’t want in your main living space — particularly if your apartment storage is minimal or non-existent. Before you know it, these spaces become cluttered dumping grounds for seldom-used exercise equipment,…

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