Commercial Storage Units for Small Kamloops Retailers

Commercial Storage Units for Small Kamloops Retailers

Commercial storage units are becoming a must-have for small Kamloops retailers. Retail square footage can be pricey, so requiring a retail shop that has extra space for storage costs much more than using our Kamloops commercial storage units. Instead of paying for costly additional space in your retail store, you can rent business storage and save on square footage or have more sales floor space.

The bottom line is: retailers have a financial interest in ensuring that the maximum amount of space rented or leased is used to sell goods. If you are wasting space by using it for storage, old stock or overstock, you are robbing yourself of sales space. Your in-store storage space isn’t making you money, and more importantly, it shouldn’t be costing you money.

Commercial Storage Units Can Help Maximize Profit

While you may think claiming that Kamloops commercial or business storage can maximize your retail profits is an exaggeration, it’s the truth. Renting one or more storage units is typically much less expensive than the cost of using your retail space for storage.

Turn Wasted Space into Retail Floor Space

To minimize expenses and maximize profit, retailers should be motivated to commit as much floor space to selling as possible. If you are paying for a 1000 square foot store and 200 square feet is used for storage space, you are likely throwing money away. If you use competitively priced commercial storage in Kamloops (such as Valleyview Mini Storage), you can put that “wasted” 200 square feet to work as display space, offering more choices to customers and increasing sales.

Clear the Clutter

Clearing out old inventory or overstock, business documents or unused office furnishings and moving them to commercial storage helps you stay organized and operate more efficiently, but more importantly, you can commit more space to the sales floor. As we’ve said, space is costly, so it should be making money for you.

Have More Inventory on Hand

Having ample retail inventory on hand allows you to offer more variety or change things up quickly to meet with sales demands and trends. If you don’t have the space for storage in your retail space, or, don’t have enough storage, you may operate with a minimal supply of product. You may not be able to replenish stock as quickly or offer the variety to your customers that you need to be competitive. If, on the other hand, you use commercial storage, you’ll have a space to store more inventory.

Have a Home for Old Stock

Old stock doesn’t provide your retail store much value and takes up valuable retail space. If you move old stock to a business storage facility, you’ll have it close at hand if needed

Receive a Price Quote for Commercial Storage in Kamloops

Valleyview Mini Storage has a great selection of storage unit sizes. If you need help choosing the right commercial storage unit or have questions about business storage, contact us.