Getting Ready to Store Summer Gear in Kamloops Storage

Getting Ready to Store Summer Gear in Kamloops Storage

Whether you already have Kamloops storage or are considering getting a storage unit, the end of summer is the perfect time to add some organization to your life and home. Seasonal items such as summer and winter gear are only used for a limited time. After that, they take up room in basements, garages, spare rooms, closets and wherever else you can find room in your home. Storage isn’t just a secure, temporary place to store belongings. Instead, it can be thought of as a “home away from home” for things that would otherwise be taking up useful space in your home.

Summer gear such as sporting equipment, camping gear and poolside accessories are exactly the type of belongings that people store at Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops. For these clients, it’s all about reclaiming space in their home and getting things organized.

Items to Consider Moving to Kamloops Storage

The following is a list of items our Kamloops and area clients move in and out of their storage unit each year.

  • Water sports gear
    Water skis, surf boards, paddle boards, inflatable tubes, scuba and diving gear.
  • Small boats
    Canoes, kayaks and inflatable dinghies.
  • Fishing gear
    Rods, tackle, hip waders, boots and nets.
  • Camping and hiking gear
    Tents, stoves, sleeping bags, air mattresses, tarps, hiking boots, backpacks, folding chairs, cookware, rain gear, first aid kits, emergency flares, lanterns, headlamps and flashlights.
  • Bikes
    Bicycles, motorcycles, mini bikes and dirt bikes.

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Preparing Summer Gear for Your Storage Unit

Before moving your summer gear to Kamloops storage, there are a few things you can do to ensure they do well in storage and keep you organized.

  1. Clean and dry your gear
    Clean any fabric or nylon (e.g. tents, tarps and rain gear). Shake off the dirt, wipe with a damp cloth or clean with a safe fabric cleaner and let dry thoroughly. Following these steps will help prevent mold or mildew.Note: Although Valleyview Mini Storage is a climate-controlled storage facility with strictly monitored temperature and humidity, damp items brought into storage can still be subject to mildew.
  2. Use boxes and labels when possible
    Pack smaller items in boxes and label the boxes on the top and sides. This will make it much easier when it comes time to move things out of your storage unit next summer.
  3. Create an inventory of items you move to storage
    Create a list of items you’ve moved into storage. This one tip can save a lot of frustration. It’s all too easy to forget what you’ve moved to storage, so the list will become indispensable when trying to locate an item. You may even note on the list where within the storage unit the item is located (back, front, left or right side, etc).
  4. Store items strategically
    Store larger items at the sides of your storage unit and boxes in the center. Make sure you leave laneways between boxes, so you can easily move between them. Think of them as rows and columns. Keep most used items toward the front of storage and least used toward the back.
  5. Tie larger items and cover them with blankets
    For items that could break if they fall, secure the items and cover with moving blankets, blankets or some other padding.

If you have any questions about moving summer gear into our Kamloops storage, please contact us.