Give the Gift of a Kamloops Storage Unit this Holiday Season

Kamloops gift ideas: storage unit

Give the Gift of a Kamloops Storage Unit this Holiday Season

A Kamloops storage unit may seem like an unusual holiday season gift, but at Valleyview Mini Storage we think it’s a great idea. Storage is practical and would be a welcome gift for loved ones who need storage and could use a little help with the cost. For students, young couples just starting out, sons and daughters between homes, and anyone who’s home is overcrowded and would like to clear the decks before they deck the halls.

The following are just a few ideas for Christmas giving, but first things first. Who needs a storage unit? Here are some people that might make your “Nice” list – any friend or family member who is:

  • A student.
  • Newly married.
  • Moving into a smaller rental apartment or home.
  • A hobbyist, crafter, or home-based business owner.
  • A musician or artist.
  • Seniors who have recently downsized.

What all of these people have in common is a need for space or a safe place to keep valuables they can’t store in their homes.

How Can You Tell if the Giftee Has Storage Issues?

You can tell if people on your holiday list are having space challenges when you see bicycles and sports gear in the hallway, in living spaces, or on the deck outside. Boxes stored in closets, general clutter because they have too many things, are strong indicators that a storage unit rental would be a welcome gift. Another telltale sign that a family member has a storage problem, is if they are storing things in your home, garage, basement or attic, as is often the case when young people first move out of the house.

This need for more space is something that we all experience but can be particularly troublesome for people at the start of their adult lives, or sadly, near the end. Students may be trying to jam their belongings into small dorm rooms or apartments while attending university.

Young couples who have just begun cohabitating and now have twice the “stuff” to deal with would also welcome a storage unit until they can move to a larger rental apartment or buy their first home.

Seniors may have just downsized from a house to a small apartment or rest home where they are faced with a choice: sell, give away or store what they can’t fit in their new smaller space. Imagine losing your precious possessions, memories, etc you’ve gathered over a lifetime because you are on a limited for fixed income and can’t afford storage.

Ask the Experts before You Give the Gift of a Storage Unit in Kamloops

Whatever the situation, the experts at Valleyview Mini Storage will help you choose the right size storage unit for the person you have in mind. Just give our storage experts an overview of the problem, and they’ll suggest the appropriate size of storage locker to solve it. Valleyview Storage has 45 different sizes of storage units to accommodate almost any storage need.

How to “Wrap” Your Storage Gift

You could purchase a cardboard storage box, placing the rolled up, prepaid rental agreement inside, then wrap the box, topped with a bow. The agreement will tell the recipient where the storage unit is located, unit number), unit size and length of the prepaid rental. All they need to do is move their items into the unit, where they will have year-round secure card-only access 7 days per week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

A Packing and Storage Gift for Yourself

While you’re at it, you might want to consider where you will be storing your own holiday decorations, like garlands and wreaths, artificial trees, lights, ornaments, gift wrap, gift bags, and extra boxes – not to mention Santa suits, the dancing elf-on-the-shelfs, and Christmas sweaters.

Get Ready for the Holidays with the Help of Valleyview Storage

If you’d like to give a Kamloops storage unit rental as a gift, please contact us. We’ll suggest a storage unit size and go over the rental terms. Hundreds of Kamloops residents choose our storage facility as a second home for their valued possessions.