How a Storage Unit Benefits Frequent Travel Adventurers

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How a Storage Unit Benefits Frequent Travel Adventurers

If you travel extensively or for long periods of time, a storage unit can provide peace of mind when leaving your home vacant while travelling. While some people rent their homes or apartments as short-term vacation rentals while they are away for extended periods of time, they may have a false sense of security that the home is therefore occupied and less likely to be a target for thieves.

Unfortunately, companies such as Airbnb, VRBO and others such companies have inadvertently given thieves another avenue to ply their dark trade – stealing from or swindling unsuspecting “hosts”. While the trend may not be rampant, it occurs frequently enough to make the news.

Airbnb hosts have been the latest targets of thieves who steel identities and even the host’s home. In one such case of identity theft and home theft case reported by CBC News, a fraudster rented a short-term Airbnb rental using a fake name, and used the homeowner’s information – found in the home –  to steal their identity. The con artist was then able to secure a loan in the homeowner’s name and made off with the cash. The same criminal attempted to get mortgages valued at about $2.5 million involving five other homes. In other short-term vacation rental scams, host’s have had their homes damaged and property stolen.  These are but two examples, though there have been many scams targeting short-term vacation rentals, and not just Airbnb and VRBO.

Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops often stores valuable home furnishing, artwork, collectibles and other expensive belongings for long-term vacationers. If, while vacationing, you don’t rent your home through vacation rental sites, using mini storage is one way to get piece of mind.

Benefits of Mini Storage for Vacationers

Protect Valuables from Theft and Damage
While traveling for extended periods, storing valuable items in a secure, temperature controlled self-storage facility can protect them from theft or damage. Valleyview Storage has the latest in security including video surveillance and key-card-only access.

Easy Access for Travellers
Valleyview Storage provides its clients 7am – 7pm access to storage seven days a week, so travellers can retrieve or store items conveniently before or after their vacation.

Peace of Mind
Renting a secure storage unit also gives you peace of mind. You can enjoy your travel adventures without worrying about your valuables and you won’t have to depend on friends and family to check your home while you’re away.

Important Document Protection
Important documents that could be used to steal your identity are protected from scammers. Photographs, family heirlooms, mementos and items of sentimental value are safe from damage and extreme heat or cold.

A Space for Irreplaceable and Hard-to-Replace Items
Artwork, collectibles, expensive electronics and devices are safe from theft and damage from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Flexibility for Frequent Travel
A secure storage facility can give you the freedom to pick up and leave at a moment’s notice, allowing for both planned and spontaneous extended adventures.

Travel without Worrying About Your Valuables

Our Kamloops storage facility is one of the most trusted names in mini storage. Our facility is a secure, climate-controlled environment that keeps your things safe while you are enjoying extended travel. While your contents are much safer in storage than at home while you’re away, we do recommend insurance. Some home insurance policies may cover items that are stored with a secure storage company.

Valleyview Mini Storage has many different sizes of storage units to suit most needs. If you have questions about our storage facility or would like an estimate for storage, please contact us.