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Decluttering Your Kamloops Business?
A Commercial Storage Facility is a Must

If you’ve never considered commercial storage in Kamloops to help you declutter your office or operation, there are many good reasons to do so. The longer you’re in businesses, the more you’ll understand the benefits of using a Kamloops storage facility, instead of in-business storage. Month by month, year by year, businesses accumulate equipment, furnishings, products, documents, and other business-related items.


Why Climate-Controlled and Secure Commercial Storage is Vital for Kamloops Businesses

For many businesses in Kamloops, secure commercial storage is a necessary and economical way to provide document, equipment and inventory storage options. Most businesses will eventually need storage, particularly those who have been in business for several years or more, because the longer a business is operational, the more “stuff” is accumulated. Valleyview Mini Storage provides Kamloops businesses convenient, secure, climate-controlled business storage options that can help you reclaim your office space!


Commercial Storage Units a Must-Have During Business Renovations

Commercial storage for your Kamloops business is a must-have during renovations. A storage unit can help the renovation go smoothly and protect your furnishings and equipment from inevitable dust, debris, paint spatter and accidents. Valleyview Mini Storage has many sizes of commercial storage units available. Our storage facility is secure with card-only access, video monitoring, and is climate-controlled.


Is it Time Take Stock of Your Kamloops Commercial Storage Unit?

Renting a commercial storage in Kamloops can save your business a lot of space and provide a secure, climate-controlled environment for business and office items that are seldom used, yet still needed. In a perfect world, our business storage customers would have catalogued what they put in storage, but, because they’re busy, frequently this step is skipped. This can cause a lot of frustration for you down the road.


5 Reasons Kamloops Storage Unit Makes Spring Cleaning Easier

If you’re planning spring cleaning, a Kamloops storage unit can help make your annual cleanup easier. Winter is nearly over and along with the season’s warmer weather and first blossoms often comes a desire to start anew. Whether you live in house, condo or apartment, a deep spring cleaning is easier if you can move the clutter to a storage unit.


Why You Need Secure Storage in Kamloops BC

While it may seem obvious to some, there are several very good reasons to choose the right secure storage in Kamloops BC. Peace of mind is probably the best reason of all. If you are currently storing items in your basement, garage, shed, carport, or anywhere else you can find space, they are vulnerable to theft.  A secure storage rental is an easy way to keep valuable belongings safe while at the same time reclaiming space in your home or business.


New Year’s Storage Resolutions You Can Easily Keep

With the new year just started, you may have made some resolutions, but have you considered storage resolutions? Renting a Kamloops storage unit will help you clear out the clutter, refurbish a room, or even starting a home-based business. You may ask, “How can a storage unit do that?” A storage unit can enable you to finally declutter in your home (or business) and make room for your 2019 home and/or business organization goals.


Kamloops Storage Blog: 2018 Year in Review

Before we review articles published on our Kamloops storage blog in 2018, we’d like to wish our customers a Happy New Year! We thank you for choosing Valleyview Mini Storage in 2018 and hope that 2019 brings you health and prosperity. The following is a summary of the variety of storage related topics we wrote about in 2018.

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