Kamloops Self Storage for Serious Halloween Decorators

Kamloops self storage for Halloween decorators

Kamloops Self Storage for Serious Halloween Decorators

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re a serious Halloween decorator, you might want to consider self storage in Kamloops to keep your decorations organized and safe. Over the years, those that love Halloween tend to accumulate a lot of decorations, including dioramas, costumes, lights and props that make for an evening of fun and fright.

Why Store Seasonal Decorations in a Self Storage Unit?

Decorations take up space and if you’re one of those creative souls who pulls out all the stops at Halloween, you probably have the Christmas decorating bug, too! Your garage and basement are likely full of boxed-up decorations – robbing your home of space for seasonal items you only use once a year. By moving these items into a Kamloops self storage unit, you can reclaim that space and use it for what it was intended.

Finding things in home storage can also be frustrating. If you’re like many people, each year you’ll find yourself asking one question repeatedly: “Where did I put ____?”. This is one of the problems associated with using any spare space in your home for storage. Organization becomes difficult. Items can also become damaged by moisture, extreme cold, heat, mold and mildew. Many Halloween decorations such as costumed figures are made of textiles that are susceptible to moisture. While replacing one item isn’t terribly costly, mold and mildew have a nasty habit of spreading. Replacing your collection could be costly and time-consuming. Valleyview Mini Storage is secure, video-monitored and climate-controlled, so your items will be safe from theft as well as the elements.

Scary Fact: According to Global News, Canadians spend about 1 billion dollars annually on Halloween-related purchases – second only to Christmas.

Tips for Packing Halloween Decorations for Kamloops Self Storage

  • Always box items when possible.
  • Choose new boxes. Old boxes or boxes rummaged from grocery stores are often weak or may contain moisture and mildew.
  • Label each box and summarize the box’s contents, or label and number each box and cross-reference the box number to a “contents” column in a spreadsheet or hand-written list.
  • Clearly mark breakables with “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP” (if relevant).
  • Don’t overpack boxes. Overpacked boxes become heavy, cumbersome to carry, and items within them are more easily damaged.
  • If life-size Halloween characters and creatures are too delicate to fold and put in a box, place them in suit bags or dry cleaning bags and hang them in your self storage unit on a clothing rack.

What Size Self Storage Unit Will I Need?

It nearly goes without saying that the size of self storage unit you’ll need to rent depends on the size of your collection. However, for most seasonal decorators, our 5’x5’ and 5’x10’ self storage units will provide ample space for both Halloween and Christmas decorations. View our self storage unit sizes available.

Questions About Our Kamloops Self Storage?

If you have questions about self storage, storage unit sizes, rental terms and costs, contact Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops. We’re conveniently located on East Trans Canada Highway. Storage hours are 7am to 7pm seven days a week.