New Year’s Storage Resolutions You Can Easily Keep

New Year’s Storage Resolutions You Can Easily Keep

With the new year just started, you may have made some resolutions, but have you considered storage resolutions? Renting a Kamloops storage unit will help you clear out the clutter, refurbish a room, or even starting a home-based business. You may ask, “How can a storage unit do that?” A storage unit can enable you to finally declutter in your home (or business) and make room for your 2019 home and/or business organization goals.

Valleyview Mini Storage can accommodate most residential and commercial storage needs. Our secure, climate-controlled Kamloops storage facility offers storage options to suit your budget. We have 45 different sizes of storage units to choose from, so whether you need to clear out your apartment, house or business, we have a solution for you.

This year is the “Year of the Pig” in the Chinese zodiac, but you can make it the year of the basement, garage, closets, or business!

The Year of the Basement

Basements are often magnets for clutter and aren’t the best place to store belongings. Basements can be cold and damp, so you may risk mold and mildew damage to items stored there. This is particularly true for paper and textiles. Besides, maybe this is the year you build an office, family room, entertainment area or spare bedroom. Moving items currently stored in the basement to a storage unit may just prompt you start the basement improvements you’ve been postponing. Storage makes renos or even small home improvements much easier. It’s difficult to work in a cluttered space, or even imagine the possibilities when looking at all the disorganization and clutter.

The Year of the Garage

Like your basement, the garage is also a common “catch all” for both valuable items and junk. Not many people can actually park in their garage. Garages are frequently cool and damp, which can result in mildew or mold damage to valuables stored within. Security is also a big concern. Garages are easy targets for break and entry crime. If you store valuables, mementos and other belongings in a garage, you could be tempting fate. If you move these items to a storage unit at Valleyview Mini Storage, they’ll be safe and secure, and you may be able to park your car in your garage!

The Year of the Closets

Closets are meant for clothing but are often a place where seldom-used belongings are stored. Make this the year you clean out the closets and move items to a Kamloops storage unit. You’ll have more room for clothing and other items that belong in a closet. Reclaiming your closets may also make it easier to keep rooms cleaner and more organized.

The Year of the Home-Based Business

If you run a home-based business or are planning to start one, this could be the year you create your dream home office. If the spare bedroom or basement could serve as your home office but is too jammed with boxes and belongings to create your dream space, moving items to storage will get you started. If you run a home-based business that requires equipment and product storage, a nearby storage unit can solve many problems. If you sell goods out of your home, consider moving them to storage rather than storing them in the basement, spare room or closet. If you provide a service that requires equipment or materials to perform, you can move them to storage where they’ll be close at hand, but not take up valuable space in your home.

The Year of Your Office

Is this the year you finally get your business office organized? Business owners face the same space problems as home owners. If you run your business long enough, you’ll notice a slow accumulation of “stuff”. Some things you’re required to keep (like business records) while other belongings such as unused, but good office furnishings take up a lot of space unnecessarily. Do you really need unused computers or laptops in closets? Do you really need that extra desk or chairs? You may need these items some day, but until you do, wouldn’t it be nice to reclaim your space?

If you run a small retail business, a storage unit can be used to store off-season stock or overstock. Retail square footage is costly, so taking up valuable space with stock that could be moved to storage will allow you to maximize sales floor space, while being more organized.

Questions About Our Kamloops Storage Units?

If you are considering cleaning out your home or business and are considering Kamloops storage options, contact the helpful staff at Valleyview Mini Storage. We’ll help you choose the right storage unit option to help you keep your 2019 resolutions!