Making the Most of your Self-Storage

Making the Most of your Self-Storage

Great Self-Storage TipsA little planning goes a long way for efficient use of your storage locker and less surprises down the road when you are ready to use your belongings again. Read these storage tips and make the most of your self-storage.

When loading your storage unit, allow space for walking between stacks of items. By factoring in a little more room than your belongings require it will help you to find what you need after you store it. Leave a little room between the walls and the stored goods to improve ventilation.

Take a little time to plan and organize as you pack. This should make it easier to finds things in the future and less likely that anything will get damaged during a move or while in storage.

  • To maximize space (Though our lockers are large and affordable) disassemble furniture and wrap the legs together.
  • All engines should be drained of their fluids, especially gas and oil.
  • Oil tools to protect against rust.
  • Use plastic covers for furniture and mattresses to aid in preservation.
  • Leave appliances doors slightly open and make sure they are cleaned and dried.
  • Caution: Do not store dangerous or flammable items, nor should you store food items of any kind as food simply attract pests.

Consider the time of year and temperature changes where you plan to store your valuables. Will it be very hot or cold? Choosing a climate controlled storage facility like Valleyview Mini-Storage will protect belongings that could be damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity. This includes things like software, paper, electronics or clothing.

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