Maximizing Space in Your Kamloops Self Storage Unit

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Maximizing Space in Your Kamloops Self Storage Unit

Whether you’re considering renting self storage in Kamloops or have already done so, taking a little time to organize your belongings can maximize your storage unit space, while making it easier to find your belongings when you need them.

Why Organize Your Self Storage Unit?

A storage unit that is disorganized:

  • Will become more disorganized over time
  • Appears to be fuller than it is, so you can probably store more items in it
  • May result in you having to upgrade to larger, more expensive size that you wouldn’t need if your self storage unit was better organized
  • Makes it difficult to find your items in storage
  • Will cost you time trying to find items
  • Can result in damage to items due lack of space or unsafe packing and storing methods

Though Valleyview Mini Storage has over 45 sizes of storage units available, why pay for space you don’t really need? Organizing your self storage can save you money!

Storage Unit Space Saving Tips

Disassemble furniture
Furniture such as bed frames and headboards, shelving, and dining tables take up a lot of space. Disassemble them and store upright against a side or back wall of the storage unit.

Use boxes with lids
Boxes with lids help keep items safe. They also create more space because they can be stacked. A box without an open top (such as an apple box or other grocery box) are unstable when stacked and may tip and fall. The contents within may also become damaged by the weight of the boxes above.

Use boxes and totes that are uniform in size
Boxes and totes that are the same size, or as close as possible, are much easier to stack and organize.

Use clear plastic storage containers for items you’ll need more often
Use transparent plastic containers for smaller items you’ll access more frequently. Because you can see the contents within, it will be easier to find things you need to retrieve from your self storage.

Use utility shelving
Free-standing metal or plastic utility shelves can be placed at the back or sides of your storage unit. Tall shelving makes use of wasted vertical space. Shelving is great for things you’ll access more often, such as tools, electronics, Christmas and holiday decorations, bankers’ boxes with business documents and other important documents.

Use file cabinets and stack ‘em!
If you are using self storage for your Kamloops office or business, file cabinets make accessing documents easy and can save space. You can also stack two three-drawer file cabinets. If they have wheels or casters, you can remove and store them in the cabinet so they don’t get lost.

Rent Secure, Convenient Self Storage in Kamloops

Valleyview Mini Storage offers competitively priced, secure, climate-controlled self storage in Kamloops. You can access your storage unit from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days per week. We’re located in the Valleyview Shopping Centre at 1967 East Trans Canada Highway (Unit #10) which provides quick access to most areas of Kamloops. If you have questions about self storage, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.