Secure Mini Storage for Business in Kamloops

Secure Mini Storage for Business in Kamloops

If you need mini storage for your Kamloops business, consider what Valleyview Mini Storage has to offer. Our secure, climate-controlled storage is ideal for business documents, inventory overflow, business equipment and office furniture.

Rather than leasing more office space, reduce your business costs and avoid long-term lease commitments by renting a self-storage unit for only the amount of time you need it.

Setting up convenient access to safe, secure self-storage for your business makes good sense. It’s important to keep documents, equipment, and/or products close at hand so you can respond to business and customer needs quickly. It’s also crucial that your business documents, and items are secured in climate-controlled conditions to keep them dry so they remain well-preserved. It’s tempting to store these items in unheated garages, sheds, or empty office space, but this can often lead to damage over time.

Kamloops Business Mini Storage Features

Valleyview’s convenient self-storage for business includes:

  • Short-term or long-term storage options
  • 45 sizes of storage units to suit your requirements and budget
  • Computerized access 7am to 7pm, 7 days per week
  • Climate-controlled storage facility
  • Video monitoring to ensure the safety and security of all units
  • No units are accessed from the outside of the building, as these are prone to moisture, mold and rodent issues.
  • Packing and moving materials are available for purchase in our office
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff to guide you

Business Scenarios: Mini Storage to the Rescue

Your business self storage unit can accommodate your changing needs throughout the year including the storage of and access to seasonal and promotional materials,  sales event signage, client and company records, sales samples and inventory overflows.

The following scenarios describe occasions and events when our customers benefit from access to our Kamloops business storage services and expert advice:

Construction, renovations, store openings

During construction or renovations, store furniture, office equipment, retail fixtures, shelving, display items and brand signage can be moved into your storage unit, keeping them safe, secure and out of the way until needed.

Extra inventory and business furnishings

Store excess inventory and business furnishings, including: merchandise, window and display fixtures, signage, promotional items, apparel, supplies, and office furniture to free up valuable retail or office space.

Files and legal business documents

Archive legal and business documents in a secure, dry storage and easily access them as required. Climate-controlled document storage is essential for keeping important business paperwork and client files organized and safe. Storing rarely used documents in a facility designed for business mini storage is a wise choice. You can reclaim the space the documents occupied and reduce the hassle associated with in-office storage, which quickly becomes full and disorganized.

Seasonal items

Safely store seasonal displays or decorations, outdoor furniture, sports and recreation equipment, and signage until they are needed again the following year.

Have Questions About Kamloops Mini Storage for Business?

If you need self storage for business or have questions, contact the experts at Valleyview Mini Storage. Our helpful staff will guide you to the appropriate choice of self- storage units and provide advice for storing your business documents, equipment and furnishings.