Moving Back Home Temporarily? Keep Your Belongings in a Kamloops Storage Unit

Moving Back Home Temporarily? Keep Your Belongings in a Kamloops Storage Unit

If you’re temporarily moving back into your parents’ home, a Kamloops storage unit can help keep the peace in your family. While your parents will welcome you back, storing all of your belongings in their home is likely to cause some consternation.

Adult children move back home for many reasons: job loss, relationship break-ups, return to school, to save money to pay off a student loan, or to save for a down payment on their own home, to name a few. You’re not alone.  According to Statistics Canada, General Social Survey on Family, 9% of Canadians 25-64 years of age lived with one or more of their parents in 2017. This figure was more than double that of 1995. Young men were more likely to live with parents than young women, with 24% of young men aged 25-35 living with a parent, compared to 19% of women in the same age group.

Living is expensive and moving back home will save you money, but you’ll need a place for your things. Our Kamloops storage facility offers many storage options for adults of any age that find themselves moving back to their parents’ home.

What to Move to a Storage Facility?

Anyone who’s lived on their own for awhile will accumulate “stuff”. Many of your belongings are important to you, have monetary and/or sentimental value, but when you move back with your parents, do you really need to bring it all with you? They’d probably appreciate it if you didn’t 😉.

The following are typical items that you may consider bringing to Valleyview Mini Storage:

  • School books and other books
  • Bikes
  • Seasonal sports gear
  • Stereos and computers
  • Beds and furniture

For some useful storage tips, please read our blog post titled, “How to Pack Your Kamloops Storage Unit Efficiently and Safely”.

What Size of Storage Unit Will You Need?

For many, a small storage unit will suffice. If you have many belongings, our storage facility has 45 different size storage units – from 5’ X 5’ to 10’ X 20’. A 5’ X 5’ storage locker may be large enough if you haven’t been out on your own for very long and/or don’t have many large possessions). Generally, the longer you live on your own, the more possessions you accumulate, and the larger the storage unit you’ll need.

Secure Storage. Convenient Access

If you have expensive furniture, electronics, gadgets and/or gear, you can rest easy knowing they’re safe and secure at Valleyview Storage. Few Kamloops storage facilities boast as many modern security features. With 24/7 video monitoring, secure key card-only access, 7am to 7pm, seven days per week, our security doesn’t hamper convenience. Valleyview Mini Storage is located on East Trans Canada Highway, for easy access within the Kamloops area.

Moving Back Home? Get an Estimate for a Kamloops Storage Unit

Contact Valleyview Mini Storage for a storage unit price estimate. Our helpful staff can help you estimate the square footage you’ll require and will guide you to an appropriate size.