New Year’s Resolutions You Can Accomplish if You Rent Storage

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Accomplish if You Rent Storage

If you’ve promised yourself that this is the year you’ll clean and reorganize your home or business, renting storage can make those resolutions a reality.

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Resolutions for Your Home Made Possible with Storage

The convenience of storage makes it much easier to accomplish those resolutions that involve extensive cleaning and re-organizing of your home.

Extensive home cleaning

A storage rental makes extensive cleaning and reorganizing easier. With a storage unit, you have a place to move your unused belongings, either temporarily or long term.

Basement and garage clear-out

Basements and garages frequently become “clutter-catchers” or holding pens for items you don’t use but aren’t ready to sell or give away. By moving these belongings to storage, you create possibilities. Maybe you’d like to build a family room or den in the basement or create a small workshop in part of your garage. Storage can help make it happen!

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Whether you are renovating the kitchen, a room, or your entire home, a self storage unit gives you a place to temporarily move belongings until the job is done.

Build a home office

If your job has work-from-home days or if you are self-employed, you may have considered creating a home office instead of working in the living room or kitchen. If you have storage, you can clear a room to use as an office and decide what to do with items you move later on.

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Build a home gym

A garage or spare bedroom are great candidates for a home gym space. If you have storage, you can clear out these spaces and make way for fitness!

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Resolutions for Your Business Made Possible with Storage

If you’ve been procrastinating about cleaning and reorganization your business offices or retail space, renting storage space can jumpstart the process.

Clear out and store unused equipment

The longer you’re in business, the smaller your office or retail space seems to become! Clutter grows over the years. Move unused office furnishings and equipment into storage and start the year fresh.

Reclaim space in closets and in-office storage

In-office storage is convenient for items you want out of the way but still need to access, although frequently, storage closets become junk magnets. You can make in-office storage more useful by moving any unused or seldom-used items that are currently in a storage closet to a storage unit.

Move old business documents to storage

If have stacks of document boxes in closets, office corners or hallways, it might be time to reclaim the space. Consider moving old documents that you never access (but need to keep) to a storage unit.

Renovate or reconfigure offices

Renovations are made much easier if you move furnishings and equipment into storage until the renovation is complete.

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