Packing up Christmas Decorations for Your Kamloops Storage Facility

Packing up Christmas Decorations for Your Kamloops Storage Facility

The holiday season is over, and a new year has begun, which means it’s time you considered packing up the decorations and moving them into a Kamloops storage facility. Why? Space and convenience! If you are like many people, you have boxes of decorations and holiday trim in the basement, apartment storage, closets and anywhere else you can find room. Why squander the square footage of your home’s storage spaces for items you only need once a year? The best use of in-home storage space is for items you use frequently at home, not for belongings that are seldom used.

Why Not Store Christmas and Holiday Decoration in Your Kamloops Home?

  • They take up valuable space you could use for items used year-round.
  • Delicate decorations are more likely to break.
  • Basement and garage storage are often damp and can cause damaging mildew.
  • Using several spaces in your home for storage, rather than one Kamloops storage unit, can make finding things difficult and annoying.

Kamloops Storage Facility Benefits

Our Kamloops storage facility is ideal for seasonal storage. Here’s why:

  • We offer numerous sizes of storage units to suit the amount of storage space you need.
  • Storage is climate-controlled so items you store are safe from moisture and mould.
  • Secure, video monitored, card-only access keeps your belongings safe.
  • You can access our storage facility from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days per week.
  • Located just off the East Trans Canada Highway, we are minutes away from most areas of Kamloops.

Valleyview provides both residential storage and commercial storage, so we’re also the perfect solution for storing your office seasonal items.

Quick Tips for Storing Christmas and other Seasonal Items

Organizing your Kamloops storage unit takes a little planning. Once organized, you’ll find moving things in and out of our storage facility is a hassle-free experience. The following are a few tips that can make it even easier.

Use good, strong boxes.
Old storage boxes, or boxes you gather from the nearby grocery store, are often weak. We have witnessed the effects of this firsthand. The awkward weak box slips and falls, breaking items within. New, strong boxes (with lids) are more rigid and easier to carry than floppy apple boxes or moving boxes that have been used numerous times or stored in a damp location, further weakening them. We sell boxes in several sizes that will accommodate most storage needs.
Use plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap.
Packing paper and bubble wrap is fairly inexpensive, and prevents delicate items from breaking inside the box when jostled, or, when the box is dropped. Valleyview Mini Storage sells packing supplies, including packing paper, bubble wrap and tape.
Label boxes.
Label boxes using box labels or a felt pen. This will help you quickly find what you need, rather than guessing and having to open several boxes before locating what you need.
Don’t overpack.
Overpacking makes boxes heavy. The heavier the box, the more likely it is that it will be hard to carry, easier to drop, and things within may break from the shear number of items bumping up against one another.
Place items you are more likely to need toward the front of the storage unit.
For example, you may want to move winter sporting gear to the front of your storage unit. You’ll want easy access to skis, snowboards, boots and other gear.

Get Help Choosing the Right Storage Unit

Our Kamloops storage facility staff are experienced and helpful. If you need help choosing the right size storage unit, boxes or have questions about packing for storage, we’re always happy to help. Contact us today!