Self Storage and Spring Cleaning Go Hand in Hand. Here’s Why

Spring cleaning and storage

Self Storage and Spring Cleaning Go Hand in Hand. Here’s Why

You may not think of self storage when annual spring cleaning comes around, though having somewhere to move unused belongings makes the annual task much easier. Whether you’re spring cleaning your home or business, having a storage unit will prevent procrastination, ease frustration, and allow you to do a thorough job.

Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops offers many options for small to large homes and businesses. Even the smallest storage unit provides the convenience you need when you’re trying to clear spaces in your home or business.

The Convenience of Storage During Spring Cleaning

There aren’t too many of us who enjoy cleaning, including spring cleaning which tends to be a big job. Like so many people, you may procrastinate. One of the main reasons for putting it off is not knowing what you’re going to do with all the things you want to clear out of your space. To get the job done as thoroughly as you’d like, you might imagine having yard sales, taking unwanted belongings to a charity second-hand store, or selling things on Craigslist. While these are good ideas, they can take significant effort. The thought of all that work and time may prevent you from even starting.

When you have self storage, you remove the biggest mental block to getting started because you drastically reduce the work involved. The only things you have to do is identify belongings you want to move and bring them storage. You can decide about the final resting place of unused items later. Mission accomplished!

Spring Cleaning and Self Storage for Your Home

The following are some areas of your home to clean out that might have the greatest impact on freeing up space:

  • Basement: cleaning the basement frees up space for useful items you’d like to store at home
  • Garage: garages become junk catchers. If you move seldom used belongings from the garage to storage, you can use the reclaimed space for something more useful, like bikes, sports gear or hobbies. You’ll also make it much easier to find the things you want to keep at home.
  • Spare rooms used for storing “everything” that you seldom use
  • Bedrooms and bedroom closets
  • Hall closets
  • Under beds
  • Kitchen cabinets

Spring Cleaning and Self Storage for Your Business

If you’re spring cleaning your business, consider moving the following items to self storage:

  • Unused office furniture
  • Unused or outdated equipment (e.g. desktop computers, faxes, old phone systems, printers, computer and printer cables)
  • Clutter in desk drawers
  • Old documents, file folders, banker’s boxes and filing cabinets
  • Break room or lunchroom clutter in cabinets and drawers

Get an Estimate for Storage Rental in Kamloops

If you’re thinking about spring clean-up and need self storage, contact us for a storage estimate. Valleyview Mini Storage has over 45 different storage unit sizes and we stock moving and packing supplies on site. Our storage facility is secure and climate controlled. We are centrally located in Kamloops and you can access your storage from 7am – 7pm, seven days per week.