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If you’ve ever visited the Valleyview Mini Storage website then you’ll have read that we refer to our Kamloops storage facility as “climate-controlled storage”. You see the phrase used a lot in the storage industry, but the technology is also used in many modern buildings including retail shopping centres, office buildings and apartment buildings. In this article, we describe what climate control means and why you would want it.

If you’re considering renting a storage unit in Kamloops, you’ll find there are a number of storage companies to choose from. Many people think “a storage unit is a storage unit”, and thus choose the lowest price without considering the “value” for that price. When shopping for storage, it’s best to compare “apples to apples”, including not only storage unit features, but also the storage facility itself. What Makes a “Good” Storage Unit? A “good” storage unit is one that: Is accessible only from inside the storage facility Some Kamloops storage have storage units that are accessible from the building exterior or are even located on a lot (as is the case with some “mobile storage” containers). While this may seem attractive in terms of drive-up access, storage units accessible from outside the building are far less secure. Is private and accessible only by you Only you should be able to access your storage unit and contents...