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If you’ve ever considered Kamloops self storage units, you may have also thought about portable storage containers (the kind that are dropped off at your curb and picked up). While we may have a vested interest in suggesting that self-storage units are better, we’ve also heard our customers’ opinions on the subject. Portable storage containers or “pods” (Portable On-Demand Storage) work for some people, but you should be aware of the pitfalls that can be associated with this type of storage.

If you are moving to a new home in Kamloops, you may want to consider a significant side-benefit of renting a Kamloops storage locker: savings on your home purchase. With Kamloops real estate prices on the rise, do you really want to pay for extra square footage that you only need for in-home storage? Before purchasing your next home, talk to the experts at Valleyview Mini Storage about Kamloops storage locker options and prices. It could change your perspective on the amount of living space you actually need. According to the Kamloops Real Estate Blog, as of this writing the Kamloops and District median home price (not including condos and mobile homes) was $429,900. The median home price in the city of Kamloops was $473,000. If several hundred square feet of that home is only used for storage, you are paying a premium for space that you’re not living in. Several Ways...

Commercial storage units are becoming a must-have for small Kamloops retailers. Retail square footage can be pricey, so requiring a retail shop that has extra space for storage costs much more than using our Kamloops commercial storage units. Instead of paying for costly additional space in your retail store, you can rent business storage and save on square footage or have more sales floor space.

While a Kamloops storage unit may not alleviate the emotions parents feel as they go through "empty nest" syndrome, a storage unit is practical and indispensable if you are repurposing spaces of your home after your kids move out. It may take time, but you’ll adjust to the change in your parenting role, come to accept the changes, and even look forward to some of the new-found freedom (and space!) you'll enjoy. Renovation or repurposing the spaces your children leave behind can be liberating and exciting.

When you’re moving offices, it’s the perfect time to move unused office furnishings and equipment, archived document boxes and file boxes into commercial storage in Kamloops. Valleyview Mini Storage understands small business storage needs, so whether you’re moving a large or small office or a retail business, you’ll find a storage unit that suits your needs and budget, as well as moving and packing supplies to make the move easier.

The holiday season is over, and a new year has begun, which means it’s time you considered packing up the decorations and moving them into a Kamloops storage facility. Why? Space and convenience! If you are like many people, you have boxes of decorations and holiday trim in the basement, apartment storage, closets and anywhere else you can find room. Why squander the square footage of your home’s storage spaces for items you only need once a year? The best use of in-home storage space is for items you use frequently at home, not for belongings that are seldom used.

Winter sports gear tends to take up a lot of space in basements, rooms, garages and closets when you could make life a lot simpler, and your home a lot less cluttered by storing that gear in a Kamloops storage locker. If you are currently storing winter gear in various places in your home, or stuffing them in moving boxes and stacking them wherever you can find room, you are taking up space unnecessarily, risk damage, and possibly theft. As you’ll read, storing your winter gear in storage has a lot of benefits. As mentioned, your home will have more space, your sporting items will be secure, and accessing them will be easy.

It's nearly Christmas time again: time for family, food, giving, and time to remember which moving boxes contain what decorations and where the heck you stored them! If you are like many people, you'll begin the season wondering where you've stored the ornaments, tinsel, lights, garlands, wreaths and other decorations. You'll search for these things stored in moving boxes or old gift boxes - stowed in various locations around your home. They take up space in the garage or basement, closets, maybe even under the bed. Some items will be missing and never found, broken or hidden beneath a tangle of light strands and tinsel. The problem isn't the decorations…it's storage, or, rather, the lack thereof! For many people, this all too common scenario plays itself out year after year. Why not find a permanent home for these sentimental (and expensive) decorations so: 1) you can find them, 2) they are safe, and; 3) they don't clutter up your home?

If you own a small retail business and are looking for a way to solve your storage problems for inventory and other business items, renting storage units in Kamloops is an easy and convenient solution. Retailers often quickly fill up the storage areas within their shop. At this point, you have a dilemma. You cram already filled closets or offices with piles of inventory. You may resort to taking items home to store in your basement or other rooms in your home or garage, or be forced to put items on sale, cutting into your profits, to reduce your inventory and free up space.