Self Storage for Kamloops Contractors – Secure, Convenient Access to Tools & Equipment

Kamloops self storage for contractors

Self Storage for Kamloops Contractors – Secure, Convenient Access to Tools & Equipment

If you’re a trades contractor in Kamloops, self storage may not be the first solution that comes to mind for tools and equipment storage, however, there are a number of reasons why it may be worth considering.

Tools and equipment are costly and highly prone to theft. They also take up a lot of space in work trucks, businesses, homes and garages. By renting even a small self storage unit – valuable tools and equipment can be secured, easy to access when needed, and you save space in your vehicles, home and/or business.

Not all storage companies have the same offerings, so a little research is important. Ask about storage unit sizes available and find out whether the facility is climate-controlled and secure. Valleyview Mini Storage – a family-owned Kamloops storage company – offers competitively-priced, secure, indoor, climate-controlled storage, that is video monitored. We have over 45 different sizes of storage locker for rent. Our smallest self storage units are 5ft X 5ft and are 9 feet high.

Theft from Property, Vehicles & Job Sites is Rampant

A quick search of Google news for “tools stolen from truck” illustrates why self storage is a better option than your parked vehicle, job site or garage for storing valuable tools and equipment.

The following are just a few headlines:

“$26,000 in stolen tools and equipment recovered by LaSalle police”

“$17,000 worth of equipment gone after thieves break into Habitat for Humanity job site truck”

“Thieves Steal $60,000 Worth of Equipment from Work Truck”

While most vehicle break-ins aren’t reported in the news, those that are, reveal how costly theft from a vehicle can be for a contractor or contracting company.

Vehicles are easy pickings for break-and-enter thieves. It takes seconds for a thief to break a vehicle window and take whatever is inside: day or night. Certainly, trades people have to carry tools and equipment with them and have them on hand at a job site, but if you’re storing things in your truck when not on the job, you’re taking a huge risk.

Your Home Isn’t a Secure Storage Locker

If you’re a freelance contractor, you probably store your tools and equipment at home when you’re not on the job, and while that’s just fine for things you need daily, what about items that are used less frequently? If you rent space from a centrally-located Kamloops storage company that also has convenient hours, you could easily make weekly or daily trips to your storage unit without a lot of extra time spent.

Additional Business Storage Square Footage is Expensive

Contractors often find themselves outgrowing their business space. A lack of available equipment storage is a common problem. Renting additional business square footage to accommodate your equipment storage needs is costly. Having to move because you’ve run out of storage space is also frustrating and time consuming. By comparison, renting a self storage unit is significantly less expensive.

Contact Valleyview Mini Storage About Self Storage Units for Contractors

If you are looking for a trusted Kamloops storage company, consider Valleyview Mini Storage. With numerous storage options suitable for contracting companies and freelance trades people, we can accommodate your storage needs as your business grows. Our facility is conveniently located and you can access your storage from 7am-7pm seven days a week.

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