Self Storage for Kamloops Real Estate Agents

Storage for Kamloops realtors

Self Storage for Kamloops Real Estate Agents

If you’re a real estate agent in Kamloops, storage may be seldomly on your mind although there are many good reasons it should at least be on your radar. Having a secure space to store your realty business-related items gives you more freedom of choices for creative real estate marketing.

Being a realtor in BC is extremely competitive, partially because there is a relatively low barrier of entry.  According to the article “Real Estate as a Career in BC: The Pros and Cons”, you can get a BC real estate license in less than a year, which will require about $6,000 to cover education and licensing fees. In 2022, 3,216 new real estate agents registered with the British Columbia Real Estate Association.

The competitive nature of the business means that real estate agents have to be creative and go the extra mile to close a sale. While renting from our Kamloops storage facility won’t guarantee you success in your career, having a storage unit for your real estate business facilitates more robust real estate marketing.

“For Sale” & “Open House” Signage

Having a storage unit for real estate signage makes a lot of sense for busy realtors who have limited office space. If signs are taking up room in your vehicle trunk, real estate office or home office, storage can save you space and also keep your signs from being damaged.

Marketing Materials

Finding storage space for marketing materials is especially difficult for freelance real estate agents that work out of a small home office. If you have brochures, flyers, advertising posters, banners and tradeshow materials, you probably don’t need to store them at home. Even a small storage unit may provide enough room for your real estate business storage needs.

Storage During Staging

Some real estate agents put much effort into “staging” a home for viewing. As most realtors will tell you, staging is a vital tool in the realtor’s marketing toolkit. In the CBC article “Home stagers reveal their secrets for a speedy sale”, stagers and realtors emphasize the importance of pre-sale preparation and provide tips staging a home for sale.

Staging a home often includes:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Painting
  • Moving clutter to create a feeling of space
  • Rearranging and/or removing furniture
  • Creating “curb appeal” by landscaping or maintaining current landscaping in the front of the home.

If you rent storage, you can keep staging supplies and props in one place and retrieve them when needed.

Tip: Rent from a Kamloops storage company that has flexible storage access hours and is conveniently located and easily accessible from most parts of the city.

Ask Us About Storage for Realtors

If you need a storage unit for your real estate business and have questions about storage unit sizes and prices, please contact us for a free storage estimate. Valleyview Mini Storage is an award-winning, locally-owned and family-owned Kamloops storage company.