Self Storage Resolutions for 2023 – Is This the Year You Get Organized?

New Years self storage resolutions

Self Storage Resolutions for 2023 – Is This the Year You Get Organized?

As another year winds down at Valleyview Mini Storage, we’d like to thank our clients for choosing our self storage facility for their storage needs. We wish you happy holidays and a prosperous and peaceful 2023!

The end of the year tends to prompt us to look back and assess what we accomplished during the past year and what we’d like to accomplish in the new year. While self storage resolutions may not be high on your New Year’s resolutions to-do list, getting more organized may be. In this post, we’ll discuss five resolutions you can keep with the help of a storage unit.

5 Resolutions You Can Easily Keep if You Have Self Storage

Clean the Basement

Basements often become dumping grounds or “staging areas” for belongings you don’t know what to do with. If you rent a self storage at our Kamloops facility, you can clean and organize the basement without having to make any absolute decisions about whether to sell, give away, recycle or trash unused belongings. Many of our clients find that renting storage provides the impetus needed to get around to those organization items on their to-do list.

Clean Up Your Garage or Carport

It doesn’t take long to accumulate seldom-used or never-used belongings in your garage. While some garage storage is convenient and/or necessary, if your garage is becoming cluttered, there are probably many belongings that just don’t belong there. Garages are often used for seasonal items storage, sporting gear, bikes, and things you “intend” to sell, give away, or recycle. If you have a self storage unit, you can organize your garage so that only things you need frequently are stored there. You may even free up enough space to fit your car in there!

Organize a Spare Room

Spare rooms can become impromptu storage areas. While it’s great to have the extra space, a spare room that functions as living space adds to quality of life much more than a makeshift storage room. If that spare room is getting cluttered, maybe it’s time to turn it into a home office, den, sewing or hobby room, music room – anything but a storage room!

Start a Homebased Business

Self storage and home-based businesses go hand in hand. Whether you provide personal services, sell home-knit sweaters or other arts and crafts, storage can give you a place for materials and equipment, goods, business documents, and more.

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Sell Your Home or Downsize

Staging a home for sale is made much easier if you have storage. For empty-nesters, self storage is convenient if you’re downsizing, because you can store belongings you prefer to keep, but don’t have room for in your new home.

With 45+ Self Storage Sizes, Valleyview Has Storage for You

Valleyview Mini Storage has over 45 sizes of storage units available, so whether you own a large house or small apartment, we have the right size storage locker for you. If you’d like an estimate for self storage, please contact us. We’re conveniently located in Kamloops and you can access your unit from 7am to 7pm, seven days per week.