Small Storage Units for Kamloops Apartment Renters

Small storage units for Kamloops apartments

Small Storage Units for Kamloops Apartment Renters

If you’ve ever wondered whether there are small storage units for Kamloops apartment renters, the short answer is “Yes!”. Our Kamloops storage facility offers over 45 different sizes of storage units, so whether you live in a large house or small apartment, you’ll find a storage size and price that’s right for you.

Storage Unit Options in Kamloops

Generally, you’ll find three types of storage units in Kamloops:

Indoor storage
All of our storage units are inside a secure, video-monitored building and are safer, more accessible, and convenient than outdoor or portable storage. Our Kamloops storage facility is also climate controlled, so your belongings are safe from environmental damage such as heat, cold and moisture, which can be significant issues with outdoor storage.

Outdoor storage
Outdoor storage usually consists of stacked storage containers. Outdoor storage is often not easily accessible or convenient. You might have to call a few days in advance to access your storage unit, because it must be lifted from the stack so you can gain access. Items stored in outdoor storage are far more susceptible to the environmental damage mentioned above.

At Valleyview Mini Storage, you can access your secure storage unit from 7am to 7pm, seven days per week. You don’t have to make an appointment!

Portable storage (mobile storage)
Portable storage units are convenient in the beginning because the container is dropped off in front of your home. You load your belongings, and the container is taken away. That’s where the convenience ends, though. Portable storage containers are usually kept in stacks on a storage facility lot. Like other outdoor storage units, you can’t access them when you want and, in many cases, you’ll have to make an appointment.

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Which Storage Unit Sizes are Best for Apartment Storage?

The size of storage unit you need will depend on how many belongings you’d like to store, and whether you’re sharing with others. For individuals, 5’ X 5’, 5’ X 10’, or 5’ X 15’ storage units may be all you need. All of our storage units are 9’ high regardless of their width and length, so that provides plenty of height to get more out of your storage space. Few Kamloops storage facilities offer the variety of sizes you’ll find at Valleyview Mini Storage.

Save Money by Sharing a Storage Unit

Sharing a storage unit with Kamloops apartment mates is a great way to reduce costs. Often, in a shared living situation, each renter doesn’t have a lot to store and may find it difficult to justify the cost of a storage unit on their own. Sharing a small storage unit makes sense if the people who share the cost of storage are responsible and trustworthy.

Valleyview Mini Storage offers a few ways to save on storage unit pricing.

  • Prepay 6 months and get the 7th month free.
  • Students always get 25% off storage fees.
  • Refer a friend and receive a $50 credit on storage fees.

Note: when sharing a storage unit, one person is required to sign the rental agreement. Ultimately, the signatory is responsible for paying the storage unit rental fees, whether or not people sharing pay their share.

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Need a Small Storage Unit in Kamloops?

If you need a small storage unit in Kamloops, contact Valleyview Mini Storage. We’re always happy to answer questions about storage unit sizes, rates, and storage packing techniques. Valleyview Mini Storage is conveniently located on East Trans Canada Highway, just minutes from most parts of Kamloops.