Solving Retail Storage Problems: Storage Units in Kamloops

Solving Retail Storage Problems: Storage Units in Kamloops

If you own a small retail business and are looking for a way to solve your storage problems for inventory and other business items, renting storage units in Kamloops is an easy and convenient solution. Retailers often quickly fill up the storage areas within their shop. At this point, you have a dilemma. You cram already filled closets or offices with piles of inventory. You may resort to taking items home to store in your basement or other rooms in your home or garage, or be forced to put items on sale, cutting into your profits, to reduce your inventory and free up space.

Valleyview Storage in Kamloops is Convenient, Secure and Climate-Controlled

Retailers use Valleyview Mini Storage for many reasons:

  • Convenience
    Valleyview is located in Kamloops on Trans-Canada Highway, providing easy access in just minutes from most parts of town. We offer 45 sizes of storage units that accommodate the storage needs of small retail operations. You can access your retail storage 7 days per week from 7 am to 7 pm.
  • Security
    Our storage facility has 24/7 video monitoring, keycard only access, with no direct access to storage units from the building perimeter, for added security.
  • Climate-Controlled
    Because of our humidity and temperature controls, your retail storage unit contents are safe and dry — protected from mold and mildew and temperature extremes that can cause damage to your inventory.
  • Great customer service
    Our experienced staff understands the needs of retail businesses. Staff are always happy to answer questions and help you select the right storage units for your needs.

Quick Retail Storage Tips

  1. Create a storage inventory spreadsheet
    For retailers, it’s important that you know what inventory you have moved into storage. A simple spreadsheet can help you track inventory in your Kamloops storage unit. Create column headings for stock properties such as: Item Name, SKU, Colour, Size, Box #, Rack#, and Location in Storage). “Box #” and “Rack #” number will help you identify items you’ve packed into boxes or hung on storage racks in your storage unit. The “Location in Storage” column can be used to identify where an item is placed. Entering a simple description like “back, right corner”, “middle of left side”, or “front left” can save you a lot of time when you are retrieving items from your storage unit.
  2. Identify items as you pack and move
    Label box contents so you know what’s inside. If you are hanging clothing on racks, label the rack with a number.
  3. Effective storage unit packing
    Pack retail stock that you’ll need frequently at the front of your storage unit. Keep seldom used items toward the back.
  4. Use new boxes and plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap
    New moving boxes will last longer than grocery store boxes and cartons. Use plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap around delicate or breakable items.

For more comprehensive storage packing tips see “How to Pack Your Kamloops Storage Unit Efficiently and Safely“.

Questions About Our Kamloops Retail Storage Units?

If you have questions about our Kamloops retail or business storage units, contact us! Our staff will help you find the right size storage unit for your business.