Spring Cleaning & Decluttering. Our Kamloops BC Storage is the Final Step

Spring Cleaning & Decluttering. Our Kamloops BC Storage is the Final Step

If you are about to start your spring cleaning, our Kamloops BC storage facility is the final step in decluttering your home. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to identify belongings that are stored away in corners of rooms, under beds, in basements, or in garages or sheds. Over the years, things we no longer need, or only need seasonally, tend to pile up. This is truer of family homes with kids, but even single people accrue belongings that takes up valuable space and make a home look messy.

Clearing out the clutter can be a daunting exercise. You may have been thinking about it for some time, but procrastinate because you don’t know where to start. A plan and small steps at a time will get the job done.

Getting into the Right Mindset

While moving your things to our Kamloops BC storage facility is the final step, the first step in decluttering during spring cleaning is getting into the right mindset. While you may not be a “hoarder” in the clinical sense of the word, you may find it difficult to get started or become overwhelmed when you think about decluttering. The best way to approach decluttering is in small steps.

  • Start with a spring decluttering checklist (see “Make a Checklist” below).
    Making a list will make you feel empowered. You’ll feel better taking action rather than procrastinating.
  • Post the list where you can see it (on your fridge might be a good spot).
  • Pick a room and begin identifying things to declutter. Let that one room be your goal. Don’t think of the entire project.
    A room at a time is a great way to get started and feel in control.
  • When you’ve conquered your first room decluttering goal, make another goal. A bedroom, living room, closets, basements storage, garage, garden shed can all be individual goals. Pick one and start your checklist again.

Make a Checklist

During spring cleaning, identify things to give away, recycle, throw out, or move to storage in Kamloops. Grab a clipboard and paper and get started! Make a 4-column grid and label each column from left to right: Give Away, Recycle, Throw Out, Move to Storage. As you are cleaning the rooms of your home, identify things that you want to clear out and write them into one of the 4 columns on your list.

It might look like this:

Give Away Recycle Throw Out Move to Storage
Old toys in child’s room Collected newspapers and magazines Any old items that can’t be recycled Skis, ski boots, snowboards, hockey gear
Unused clothing Old plastic containers “” Table I want to restore
Old crib no longer in use Old computer “” Christmas decorations
Textbooks I don’t want Outdated electronics “” Kids art projects from years ago
Child’s old bike Old speakers “” Car top cargo box
Used furniture “” Ski Rack
Old exercise equipment “” Winter tires
Unused but good clothing “” Snow blower
“” Boxes of old business papers


Need ideas for what you might want to throw out? Check out “200 Things to Throw Away“.

How to Decide Where on the List to Put Belongings?

Asking yourself the following questions will help determine what column the item belongs to.

  1. When did I last use this?
    If it’s been a year or more, it’s a candidate for removal or storage.
  2. Will it be used in the future?
    If it’s something you haven’t used in a while, what are the chances it will be used soon (within a year)? If won’t be used, consider giving it away or selling it. If it might be used and is taking up space, move it to our Kamloops BC storage
  3. What is the impact of keeping it vs. moving the item out of my home?
    This question is very subjective. If moving the item into storage (or giving it away or tossing it) will free up a lot of space and make your space look cleaner and more livable, that may have more value to you than keeping the item. If you can decide what to do with the item, move it into storage. You can always give it away or throw it out once you’ve decided.
  4. Is it broken, old, worn out and doesn’t have much sentimental value? If so, it’s probably a good candidate for recycling or throwing out.
  5. Is it broken, old, worn out but does have sentimental value? If so, it’s a good candidate for our secure, climate-controlled storage.

Need Storage in Kamloops BC?

Valleyview Mini Storage provides secure, climate-controlled storage in Kamloops BC. Our storage units keep your belongings safe from theft and environmental effects. We also stock a good supply of moving boxes and packing supplies. Contact us and consult with one of our storage specialists to find out what storage-unit size best suits your needs.