Storage Containers – The Downside of Mobile Storage

Storage Containers – The Downside of Mobile Storage

If you are considering storage in Kamloops, you may lean toward mobile storage containers for their apparent convenience. Before you make your decision, it’s important to know the reality of drop-off/pick-up storage. While storage containers offer some convenience, there is also a downside when you consider the following.

The Promise of Mobile Storage Containers

As mentioned, the main reason people consider mobile storage containers is convenience. Most mobile mini storage companies drop the container off on the street in front of your home or business. You pack it at your convenience and call for pick up and delivery – either to the Kamloops storage facility, or, if you are moving, to your new address.  Sounds great, right? While the convenience and cost may at first seem attractive, after you learn about the reality, you may think differently.

The Reality of Mobile Storage Containers

Using mobile storage units may seem like a great idea until you consider:

Most mobile storage containers are locked with a simple padlock. Containers on the street in front of your home are particularly vulnerable at night. A padlock can be breached by a skilled thief in seconds.

Damage because of accidents
If your belongings are damaged during the move – by items falling because of an accident, don’t assume that the storage company is responsible. In most cases, they are not unless you buy additional insurance.

Damage because of improper packing
Because you pack your own belongings, you are liable for damage caused by improper packing. If belongings are damaged because boxes or items fell over during transport, and the damage appears to be caused by the means in which the container was packed, you are responsible.

Additional content insurance costs
If you read the fine print of Kamloops mobile storage companies, you’ll find that you, not the company are responsible (in most cases) for damage or theft, and you’ll have to purchase special contents insurance coverage to be covered in the case of break-ins, container theft, vandalism and damage from an accident during transit. If the damage is found to be caused by improper packing, you won’t be covered – and many items are not covered in the case of theft.

What insurance won’t cover
In many cases, contents insurance won’t cover items such as money, jewelry, furs, computer software and programs, credit cards or irreplaceable valuables.

Inconvenient access
Mobile storage containers are stacked – sometimes three containers high. If you want access, your container must be moved by forklift from the stacks. As a result, many mobile storage companies require 1-3 days prior notice if you want to visit your container – either to move things out or move things in. Hours of operation may also be inconvenient. A quick survey of a several container storage companies found that hours were often daytime – Monday to Saturday and closed by 5 p.m.


In the end, although you may pay a little less for Kamloops mobile storage fees, the downside may outweigh the small difference in cost. If you consider the risk of damage and theft, inconvenient access, additional cost of contents insurance, the option isn’t as “convenient” as you may at first think.

Looking for Storage Containers? Consider Kamloops Storage Units Instead

If you are considering mobile storage in Kamloops, contact our helpful staff first. Valleyview Mini Storage has numerous storage unit sizes available to suit your requirements and budget. Our building and storage units are secure, video monitored and climate controlled. Storage unit access is from 7 am – 7 pm, seven days/week.