Storage Reduces The Emotional Impact of Clutter

Clutter in a messy room

Storage Reduces The Emotional Impact of Clutter

Our Kamloops storage facility is used by many different types of customers, though the one thing all of them have in common is a need for space. That need for space is why storage companies exist. Aside from providing a temporary (or long-term) space for items you don’t want to store at home or in your business, we think storage also has a hidden, yet important emotional benefit: reducing the negative emotional impact of clutter.

We don’t need science to tell us that clutter causes anxiety, guilt, frustration and other unpleasant emotions for many people. If you’ve ever procrastinated about organizing a cluttered room in your home, or cleaning a messy garage or basement, you know the feelings that grow from that procrastination. You may feel a little guilty for not taking control of the mess, a little overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start, discouraged because the task seems so huge, and “disordered” in your own mind when you look at the disorder of the space.

Messes cause stresses! There is plenty of evidence that clutter is a problem for many of us. The fact that people want order in their lives (or at least less disorder) has given rise to an entire decluttering industry including decluttering services, TV shows, books and even apps.

What Science Says About Clutter and Emotional Well-Being

According to the Psychology Today article “Why Mess Causes Stress: 8 Reasons, 8 Remedies”, a cascade of negative impacts flow from clutter including overstimulation of our senses, distraction, difficulty focusing, difficulty relaxing, increased anxiety and guilt.

One study, “Older Adults and Clutter: Age Differences in Clutter Impact, Psychological Home, and Subjective Well-Being” looked at clutter and emotions.  “Psychological home” refers to a sense of belonging and self-identity derived from a particular place. The study concluded that “Having a home that we self-identify with, that makes us feel safe and secure, and that provides solitude from the external world is crucial for our subjective well-being.” The conclusion notes that “younger adults experience the negative impact of clutter for psychological home more intensely than older adults; however, both groups’ psychological home is negatively impacted by their clutter.”

The Role of Storage in Reducing Clutter & Related Emotions

While it would be an overstatement to say that moving unused belongings to a storage facility will bring you inner peace, doing so does have many positive emotional benefits.

A storage unit provides the following:

  • A place to move unused belongings, reducing frustration and that sense of being “stuck”
  • Makes it easier to get started organizing or deep cleaning your home or business
  • Reduces procrastination and the associated guilt because you can get started
  • Helps you accomplish decluttering/organizing goals, which can lead to positive feelings about yourself
  • Results in a more organized home, better emotional connection to your space, and fewer negative emotions related to clutter.

Decluttering in Kamloops? Storage Can Help Get the Job Done

If you’ve been considering decluttering, reorganizing or renovating your home or business, renting a storage locker can help you overcome procrastination. Valleyview Mini Storage is a family-owned Kamloops storage facility offering secure, climate-controlled storage options for any job, big or small. We have over 45 different storage unit sizes available and sell packing and moving supplies on site.

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