Storage Units for Empty Nesters

Storage Units for Empty Nesters

While a Kamloops storage unit may not alleviate the emotions parents feel as they go through “empty nest” syndrome, a storage unit is practical and indispensable if you are repurposing spaces of your home after your kids move out.

It may take time, but you’ll adjust to the change in your parenting role, come to accept the changes, and even look forward to some of the new-found freedom (and space!) you’ll enjoy. Renovation or repurposing the spaces your children leave behind can be liberating and exciting.

Once you’ve made the decision to free up some space, here are some tips and ideas to help you start this new phase of your life.

Gather Moving Supplies and Start Packing

Before you start moving things, first you’ll have to pack. Valleyview Mini Storage has everything you need to make packing easy. Gather the following:

  • Moving boxes.
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap.
  • Labels or a felt pen for labelling boxes.
  • A moving dolly.

Read “How to Pack Your Storage Unit Efficiently and Safely” for some great packing and storage tips.

Rent a Storage Unit

Inevitably, your kids will leave things behind: bedroom furniture, boxes of books, paraphernalia of their teen or college years, gadgets, electronics, boxes of old games and toys, old clothing, sporting equipment and more. Renting a secure, climate-controlled storage unit in Kamloops will give you a place to move those things and the peace of mind knowing they are secure and safe. While it may be tempting to cart those items to a basement or garage, you run the risk of mildew and mold damage. Storage units at Valleyview Mini Storage are dry and kept within safe humidity and temperatures. Your kids belongings – keepsakes with sentimental value – will be much safer in our facility than your basement or garage.

Moving things to storage is the starting point for reclaiming space in your home and repurposing bedrooms. We recommend renting a storage unit before you make any decisions about what to do with the space. If you are considering doing something with a kid’s room, it’s easier to imagine the possibilities when it’s empty.

Repurpose those Empty Bedrooms

After you’ve moved items to your storage unit, think about what you can do with the space. Here are a few ideas for reclaiming a kid’s bedroom.

Turn a bedroom into a:

  • Home office.
  • Den.
  • Sewing or crafts room.
  • TV room.
  • Music room.
  • Home theatre.
  • Guest bedroom.
  • Exercise gym.
  • Yoga or Pilates studio.
  • Walk-in closet and dressing room.
  • Living room extension.
    If the room is adjacent to a living room, knock through a wall and add French doors to make your living room space larger.

Need Help Choosing a Storage Unit in Kamloops?

If you need help choosing the right size storage unit, contact Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops. We have many sizes of storage units to choose from. Our storage experts will help you choose one that works for you.