Storing Summer Gear in a Kamloops Storage Facility

Storing Summer Gear in a Kamloops Storage Facility

September, the official end of summer is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about putting away the summer belongings, or, better yet, storing summer gear in a secure Kamloops storage facility. Storage solves several problems for seasonal items and solves a lot of household organization issues. Other potential problems are solved, too, such as security. Storing seasonal items in your home is often rather inefficient. Items that you use for only one season probably shouldn’t take up space in your home in the three off-seasons. Storing seasonal items will create more room and reduce clutter in closets, in the corners of rooms, under beds, in the basement, or in your garage.

Avoid Storing Summer Gear in Your Basement or Garage

There are good reasons to avoid storing valuable summer (or winter) gear in your basement or garage.

  • Basements and garages are often damp
    Mold and mildew from dampness can harm textiles and impart a permanent odour to your things.
  • Garages are usually not secure
    Garages are an easy target for thieves. If you are storing your expensive summer or winter gear in your garage, the chances of theft increase dramatically. A locked garage may provide you a false sense of security. Because many garages are somewhat isolated from your view, or the view of neighbours, they are attractive to thieves. Garages are usually easier to break into than homes and thieves worry less about being seen so they can take more time.

Storing Summer Gear

If you use a Kamloops storage facility to store seasonal items, while you are moving your summer gear in, you can move your fall and winter gear out. Here are just a handful of summer belongings you may want to consider moving into storage.

  • Tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Kayaks, canoes
  • Hiking boots
  • Knapsacks and packs, sports bags
  • Tarps
  • Sports balls and equipment (soccer balls, baseball gloves and bats)
  • Golf gear (clubs, golf bags, golf shoes)
  • Bikes
  • Pool equipment, water toys, deck chairs
  • Water skis, boogie boards, wakeboards, kiteboards, surfboards
  • Barbecues (without fuel tanks)

Summer Storage Tips

  1. Make a list of what is going into storage
    10 months from now when you need items, you may forget what you’ve moved to your Kamloops storage facility.
  2. Wipe equipment down before moving it to storage
    Sand, salt, dirt and grime can be corrosive and damage summer gear over time. Wiping down gear before it is stored will prolong its life.
  3. Use boxes to store smaller items
    It’s more efficient to use boxes to store items that will fit within. Make a list of box contents (either on the box, a notepad or spreadsheet) so you’ll be able to easily find them. Valleyview Storage carries an ample supply of moving boxes and packing supplies.

Summer Storage In. Winter Storage Out.

You’ll save a lot of space in your home year-round if you store summer and winter gear. When you are moving your summer things into storage, move your winter items out (and vice versa).

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