Summer Gear Self Storage Tips: Prep, Pack and Move Items to Your Kamloops Storage Unit

Summer Gear Self Storage Tips: Prep, Pack and Move Items to Your Kamloops Storage Unit

With summer winding down, now is the time to make the most of your Kamloops storage unit. Families and individuals who have summer sporting and leisure equipment can save a lot of space in their home by moving gear to self storage.

  • Tennis and badminton rackets
  • Baseball gear
  • Barbecues (without fuel tanks)
  • Bikes
  • Camping and fishing gear
  • Climbing gear
  • Coolers
  • Gardening tools, lawn care supplies
  • Golf clubs and bags
  • Canoes, kayaks, inflatable boats
  • Backpacks
  • Life jackets
  • Lawn chairs, patio furniture, sunbrellas
  • Water skis, wakeboards, boogie boards, surfboards, tubes, air mattresses

Why Choose Our Kamloops Self Storage Facility?

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Preparing Summer Gear for Your Storage Unit

Clean and dry summer items before moving them to storage. While our Kamloops self storage facility is climate controlled, our temperature and humidity controls cannot protect against wear and tear from dirt and grime.

  • Ensure gear is clean and dry before moving it into your storage unit
  • Wash and dry (or dry clean) fabrics
  • Wash and air dry sleeping bags
  • Spray down tarps, tents, and air dry (read product instructions for cleaning)
  • Clean and dry patio furniture. Consider doing repairs and maintenance prior to moving them into storage
  • Scrape, clean, and dry BBQ grills
  • Remove dirt from gardening equipment and supplies

Save Space and Find Things Easily in Your Kamloops Storage Unit

When next summer comes around, you’ll want to easily find the gear you stored this year. The following tips will help you save space in self storage and make things much easier to locate.

  • Use boxes with lids (they’re easier to stack)
  • Label boxes clearly on several sides so the label is easily read. You can include a list of box contents on the label
  • Inventory the location of items that you bring into your self storage unit. Make note of where things are in storage
  • When possible, store related items in the same area of your storage unit (i.e. camping gear in one area, gardening tools in another area, etc.)
  • Hang clothing on racks or fold and box them up. Save even more space by using space saver bags (vacuum-compressed storage bags)
  • Disassemble or fold patio furniture and store against storage walls
  • Place larger items in the perimeter of you storage unit. If they are tall items, stand them upright

For more self storage space saving tips read “Maximizing Space in Your Kamloops Self Storage Unit”.

Questions About Our Kamloops Self Storage?

If you have summer gear that’s not on this list above and you’re wondering whether it’s permitted in storage, or, if you need help choosing the right size self storage unit, please contact us. Our helpful staff can answer your questions.