Decluttering Tag

Our Kamloops storage facility is used by many different types of customers, though the one thing all of them have in common is a need for space. That need for space is why storage companies exist. Aside from providing a temporary (or long-term) space for items you don’t want to store at home or in your business, we think storage also has a hidden, yet important emotional benefit: reducing the negative emotional impact of clutter.

If you have kids, you probably won’t be surprised to hear how much space you can save by moving some of their unused belongings into a Kamloops storage unit. Children accumulate a lot of “stuff” over many years! More precisely, parents often keep many of their kids’ belongings or box it up and store it in the basement or garage. You may have told yourself that you’ll deal with it one day, but that day never seems to come.

If you are about to start your spring cleaning, our Kamloops BC storage facility is the final step in decluttering your home. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to identify belongings that are stored away in corners of rooms, under beds, in basements, or in garages or sheds. Over the years, things we no longer need, or only need seasonally, tend to pile up. This is truer of family homes with kids, but even single people accrue belongings that takes up valuable space and make a home look messy.