When Shared Self Storage for Kamloops Housemates Makes Sense

Shared self storage in Kamloops

When Shared Self Storage for Kamloops Housemates Makes Sense

If you have housemates, there are certain situations where shared self storage makes sense. While not all shared living situations are ideal for sharing a Kamloops storage unit, when the circumstances are right, sharing storage can save money and keep your accommodations clutter free.

Shared self storage for Kamloops housemates makes sense when:

  • You trust your housemates
    You can rely on housemates to pay their share of self storage fees and use/share the storage space responsibly.
  • Your housemates are longer term tenants
    Sharing won’t work well, or would be difficult to manage, if your shared home is a revolving door of short-term tenants. If housemates plan on staying in a shared-living arrangement for one or more years, a self storage unit can really help keep the home organized.

Note: One person is required to sign the Valleyview Mini Storage rental agreement. Whether or not people sharing storage pay their share to the signatory, the signatory is responsible for the full storage rental fee.

Benefits of a Shared Kamloops Storage Unit

  • Sharing a storage unit between 2 or more people makes the rental much more affordable
  • Your shared house or apartment will have more space once you move items to self storage
  • Sharing storage may allow you to clear enough space to invite an additional housemate into your sharing arrangement, thus further lowering your rent
  • Belongings that you may be storing in a basement, garage or shed are much safer in storage
  • Eliminate squabbling over items stored in shared accommodations that take up valuable space

What Housemates Can Store in Kamloops Self Storage

If each housemate has just a few of the items listed below stored in your shared home, it doesn’t take long for in-home storage and rooms to become cluttered. Here are just a handful of belongings housemates can move to a self storage unit.

  • Bicycles
  • Books
  • Winter and summer sports gear (boards, skis, snowboards, boots, poles, outerwear)
  • Unused desktops, laptops, and electronics
  • Camping equipment
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Bed frames and mattresses
  • Dishes, cutlery, pots, and pans
  • Musical instruments and music gear

Tips for Managing Shared Self Storage Responsibilities

A shared storage unit can a huge difference to your home’s aesthetics (e.g. cleaner rooms, more space). We recommend formalizing an arrangement with housemates who will use the shared storage.

Put it in writing
We recommend that you write a plain English contract that spells out the responsibilities, payment date and share of payment.

Calculate the amount of space each housemate will need
To find out the size of storage unit you’ll need, each roommate should estimate the number of boxes items they’ll move to storage.

Assign a keeper of the keys
Because Valleyview Mini Storage provides only one key card to access our self storage facility, one person should be responsible for the keys. Whomever you choose to hold the keys, it’s the storage agreement signatory who is responsible for them.

Want to Share Self Storage in Kamloops? Valleyview Mini Storage Can Help!

If you’re considering sharing a Kamloops self storage unit and don’t know where to start, contact us for suggestions. Our Valleyview Mini Storage staff can help you find the right size storage unit to accommodate you and your housemates. We might even save a few friendships!