Kamloops Commercial Storage

We take pride in offering Kamloops commercial storage that’s a step above the norm. For secure, climate-controlled self-storage for your business documents, office items, retail supplies, equipment and merchandise, Valleyview offers a wide range of mini storage units to suit your requirements. Our experienced staff will help you find the right mini storage for your business.

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Commercial Storage Advantages

Many Kamloops businesses struggle with the frustration that results from a lack of storage space in their office, company or retail business. Once you’ve filled nearly every available space, a cascade of negative impact tends to flow from your business storage issues. Items you need can’t be found easily; stored items are stacked one upon the other and are more prone to damage; stacked boxes and equipment crammed into storage closets are an avalanche waiting to happen; expensive or valuable items are not secure; and, cluttered hallways and office space can cause personal injury and create a fire hazard.

Before every available spot is used up, it’s time to store the overflow, old items, and/or important but seldom used items. Using Valleyview’s off-site business mini storage alleviates all of these issues. Stored items are easily accessed and remain secure, safe from damage, and close by when you need them.

Valleyview offers the following advantages that our customers value, and are not available at other Kamloops commercial storage facilities:

Secure, pass card access to facility 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days per week.

All storage units are video monitored 24/7.

All storage units are housed within our secure facility and cannot be accessed from the outside where thefts typically occur.

Entire facility is climate-controlled, eliminating moisture problems that are common elsewhere.

A selection of packing supplies are available for purchase on site, including: boxes, tape, file boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and locks.

What Can Your Business Store?

With 45+ self-storage unit sizes available, you’ll find ample commercial mini storage options for a variety of business requirements. Whether you need secure, dry storage for stock overflow, equipment, furnishings, signs, decorations, or documents, you’ll find the right fit at Valleyview Mini Storage.

Office furniture storage – desks, chairs, filing cabinets, shelving units, patio furniture.

Office equipment storage – computers, cables, electronics.

Document storage – legal and business documents, tax archives, annual reports, employee files.

Retail stock – stock overflow, seasonal stock, sale stock, old stock.

Boxes, books, manuals, training materials.

Display items – product displays, stands, shelves, clothing racks.

Marketing materials – promotional signs and banners, trade show booths, sandwich boards, gifts and giveaways.

Seasonal items – holiday decorations, seasonal displays, and party supplies.

Is Your Document Storage Dry?

Our climate-controlled storage means the business documents you store will remain dry and will not be susceptible to damage caused by mold. While most paper (unless it is acid-free) will “fox” or oxidize over time, causing brown spots and staining, this process can be slowed by keeping your documents in our climate-controlled storage units. Your documents will be kept at a moderate temperate and humidity, and provided they enter storage in a dry state, they will remain that way for years to come.


Valleyview Mini Storage is conveniently located at 1967 East Trans Canada Highway at Valleyview Shopping Centre. The location provides quick and easy access to our storage facility from most parts of Kamloops. With 7 am to 7 pm access, seven days per week, you can visit your commercial storage unit when it suits you! No appointments! No frustration!

Get Help Choosing the Right Commercial Storage Unit

Questions about commercial storage unit sizes and rates? Give us a shout! We’ll guide you to right choice.