10 Packing, Moving and Storage Planning Tips. Part 1 – Getting Organized

10 Packing, Moving and Storage Planning Tips. Part 1 – Getting Organized

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If you’re moving from one place to another in Kamloops, or moving to Kamloops from another city or town, you’ll need more than just moving boxes. You’ll need a plan! Here are our top 10 tips for packing that will make your move much easier. This two-part series will help you get organized and stay on track.

1) Brainstorm a “Things We Need for Packing and Moving” Checklist on Paper

A checklist will make packing and moving much easier. If you try to keep lists in your head, chances are you will forget something! All too often, that something will be important, both to packing and moving, and to your sanity. First, brainstorm a list of everything you’ll require for your move. Your list can include steps like “Find a mover”, “find storage in Kamloops“, “gather moving boxes and packing supplies”. Other items you might include on your list are: things to sell on Craigslist or give away, businesses to notify of your address change, utilities to re-establish when you’ve relocated, and a packing timeline to allow you to comfortably meet your move date.

2) Plan Your Move Step by Step

Each stage of preparing for your move, from gathering your packing supplies, moving boxes, arranging storage in Kamloops, to packing. All should be completed in stages with target dates.

First, we recommend transferring your on-paper “Things We Need for Moving and Packing” checklist to a spreadsheet (as a worksheet tab). You can add a second worksheet tab “Moving and Packing Timeline”. The timeline can include the following columns: Date, Task, Status (complete or incomplete), and Notes.

Download our  spreadsheet: kamloops-packing-moving-storage-planner.xlsx

3) Arrange Movers and Storage in Kamloops Early

Whether you hire a professional moving company, or get help from friends and family, you’ll want to arrange your movers and helpers early – as much as 8 weeks or more prior to your move date. If you don’t, you may find yourself unable to schedule movers, or paying top dollar for a mover to squeeze you in at the last minute. If friends and family are helping, remind them of the move a month in advance and at a few intervals as the move gets closer.

Arrange for storage in Kamloops early, too. Having storage secured in advance, gives you time to de-clutter, and move things you don’t have room for, but want to keep into storage (see tip #5).

4) Gather Packing Supplies and Moving Boxes Early

Get plenty of moving boxes and packing supplies like tape, labels, bubble wrap and packing paper. Valleyview Mini Storage sells everything you need, whether you are packing for a move, for storage, or both.

5) Use the Opportunity to Reduce the Clutter

Packing for a move is a great opportunity to reduce clutter and not bring it with you to your new place. Before you begin packing, identify items to sell on Craigslist or Kijiji, give away to The Salvation Army, or move to storage.

Read Part 2 “Packing and Moving”.

Questions about Packing Supplies and Moving Boxes?

Valleyview Mini Storage is a secure storage facility that offers many storage options, whether you need temporary or long-term storage in Kamloops. We also carry a good supply of packing supplies and moving boxes. Contact us if you have questions. We’re always happy to help.