Kamloops Storage Tips

If you’re a student looking for affordable Kamloops storage, there are many choices and ways you can save money. The following provides an overview of the types of self storage available and savings tips for students. Types of Kamloops Storage Facilities Self Storage When you rent self storage, there are several types of self storage units to choose from, including: Indoor self storage Some Kamloops storage companies are indoor storage facilities. Storage is accessible from inside a secure building. The level of security varies from company to company. Indoor storage is sometimes climate controlled, but not always. Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops offers secure, climate-controlled indoor storage, to protect your stored items from temperature and humidity extremes. You can access your self storage unit from 7am-7pm seven days a week. Climate-controlled storage Climate controls are associated with indoor storage. Without climate controls, upholstery and clothing fibres can weaken and may become mildewy and sour smelling; paper...

Our Kamloops storage company is used by many people who decide to move to Kamloops from another city or town. Moving from a city you’ve lived in for awhile, perhaps your entire life, is an adventure, though a stressful one! Once you’ve decided to pull up roots, much needs to be done, and in a certain order. The following are some planning, move packing and self storage tips that can help you stay on track while reducing stress.

Our Kamloops self storage company offers many storage options suitable for adult children who’ve moved back home with their parents. The so called “boomerang kids” trend is not a new phenomenon. The term was coined by Seattle psychotherapists Jean Okimoto and Phyllis Stegall, who described the trend in their 1987 book “Boomerang Kids: How to Live with Adult Children Who Return Home”.

Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops is always busy, and 2021 was made all that busier, as we all negotiated the pandemic and its disruptions. As always, we published monthly blog posts to inform potential mini storage renters and our current customers. We’d like to wish all of you, especially our customers, a heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! You are why we exist, and we’re grateful to have you as loyal customers.