Best Storage Rental for Kamloops Families on a Budget

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Best Storage Rental for Kamloops Families on a Budget

If your family is looking for a storage rental in Kamloops, a little research and education will help you find suitable storage for your budget and needs. Shopping for residential storage rentals is not unlike shopping for a pair of shoes. You need a good fit and you need to compare features for the price you pay.

Types of Storage Rentals

The three main types of storage rental companies in Kamloops are indoor storage, outdoor storage, and drive-up storage. If you search for “budget storage in Kamloops” you’ll certainly find examples of all three types, but it’s important to look at what you get for the price – comparing apples to apples – before you make a final decision.

Indoor storage
Storage units are inside a secure building and are only accessible from within the storage facility. Some indoor storage facilities offer features such as key-card only access, video surveillance, and climate controls. Valleyview Mini Storage offers all of the aforementioned features. Indoor storage is the most common because it is versatile, secure, and it’s easier to control the indoor climate so your belongings are safe from extremes in cold, heat, and moisture.

Outdoor storage
Outdoor storage containers are kept in stacks on the storage facility lot. The container is dropped off in front of your home for you to load, then it’s taken away. Outdoor storage rentals are often not as accessible as indoor storage. You usually have to phone ahead to access your storage container so that the company has time to move it out from the many stacks of containers. Container storage can be a good budget storage option, although you may be sacrificing some features such as available container sizes, accessibility, security and climate control.

Drive-up storage
Drive-up storage rentals are storage lockers are accessible from the storage building’s exterior, so you can drive your vehicle up to them to load or unload. There are fewer drive-up storage rentals in Kamloops perhaps because of security issues, but also because drive-up storage units can only be on the ground floor and is often subject to moisture and rodent issues.

Budget Storage Options

The following are a few tips that can help make storage more economical.

Choose the smallest storage unit you need
The size of storage unit you choose has an effect on price. Smaller storage rentals cost less, therefore choose the smallest storage unit you can use, but of course has enough space to hold your belongings.

Declutter your home before moving belongings to storage
Give away, sell, recycle, or discard belongings you no longer want or need before you rent storage. Why pay for storage square footage you don’t need?

Share a storage space with another family member or friend
If other family member or close friends need storage, you could share a storage unit and split the cost of your storage rental.

Prepay your storage rental
Many Kamloops storage companies offer prepayment discounts. At Valleyview Mini Storage, if you prepay for 6-months, we give you the seventh month free. We also have referral discounts and student discounts.

Looking for Storage Rentals that Fit Your Budget? Contact Valleyview Mini Storage

If your family needs storage and you’re looking for a budget-friendly storage rental, please contact us or call (250) 314-6253. Our helpful staff can suggest the perfect storage option for your needs.