Choosing the Best Kamloops Storage Facility for Residential or Business Use

Valleyview Mini Storage building and parking

Choosing the Best Kamloops Storage Facility for Residential or Business Use

If you’re looking for a reliable Kamloops storage facility, we recommend doing a little homework first. When comparing storage companies, it’s best to create a list of features/amenities that are important to you, as follows:

  • Competitively priced
  • Type of storage: mobile storage, outdoor, indoor, self-storage (also known as “mini storage”)
  • Size of storage unit
  • Convenient location
  • Storage access hours
  • Boxes and packing supplies sold on site
  • Security (alarms, video surveillance, key card-only access, on-site staff)
  • Climate-controls

Visit Kamloops storage websites or call to ask questions. Make notes on your list. While price may be important, price is always relative to the amenities offered by the storage company. When comparing storage options, to see the real value offered it’s best to compare apples to apples.

Understanding the Difference Between Mobile, Outdoor, and Storage

There are three main types of storage businesses and a few that offer a mix.

Mobile storage
With mobile storage, sometimes called “portable storage” or “on-demand storage”, a storage container is dropped off in front of your home. You fill the container and call for pick up. The storage container is then moved to the storage facility site.

Pros: You don’t need to pack and move items to a storage facility. You pack the storage container at your convenience and call for pick up.

Cons: Storage containers are usually kept outside where they are less secure and subject to weather conditions. You typically have to schedule an appointment to access your storage.

Self storage
“Self storage” companies rent storage space (lockers or “units”) to individuals. The majority of Kamloops storage facilities are “self storage”. Some offer “drive-up” storage units where the storage doors are accessible from outside on the perimeter of the building. Others, such as Valleyview Mini Storage, offer self storage that can only be accessed securely from within the storage facility’s building.

Pros: Easier access to your storage unit. Access hours are usually more convenient, and you don’t have to call ahead to access storage during business hours. Valleyview Mini Storage customers can access their storage unit from 7am to 7pm seven days per week.

Cons: You have to pack and move belongings to your storage unit.

Indoor vs. outdoor
Indoor storage companies may have several floors of storage units in a secure building. Storage areas/floors are usually accessed via secured service elevator. Outdoor storage is often stacks of mobile storage containers. “Drive-up” storage may be thought of as a type of “outdoor storage” because the storage doors are accessed from outside the building.

Pros: Outdoor storage is sometimes a little less costly than indoor storage.

Cons: Outdoor storage customers usually have to book a time to access their storage container or storage unit, so the company can move the container out of stacks on the property. Outdoor storage is often less secure than indoor storage and also subject to rodents and extremes in temperature and humidity. Be wary of indoor storage accessed via “garage” style doors from the outside. These are also subject to rodents, moisture and flooding. Valleyview Mini Storage offers only indoor storage, and our building is climate controlled to prevent mold and mildew affecting your belongings.

Questions About Our Kamloops Storage Facility?

Valleyview Mini Storage is a secure, climate-controlled, family-owned Kamloops storage facility conveniently located just off the Trans Canada Highway near Oriole Road (in the Valleyview Shopping Centre). With over 45 different storage unit sizes available, whether you need residential or business storage, you’ll find it here! If you have questions about our storage facility, on-site amenities, or storage rental fees, please contact us.