Commercial Storage Units a Must-Have During Business Renovations

Commercial Storage Units a Must-Have During Business Renovations

Commercial storage for your Kamloops business is a must-have during renovations. A storage unit can help the renovation go smoothly and protect your furnishings and equipment from inevitable dust, debris, paint spatter and accidents. Valleyview Mini Storage has many sizes of commercial storage units available. Our storage facility is secure with card-only access, video monitoring, and is climate-controlled.

Commercial Storage Can Reduce Renovation Time & Frustration

Ask any tradesperson about the kind of environment they prefer working in and nearly all will tell you they’d rather work in a vacant or near-vacant space. Renovations become more difficult, take longer and are more costly, when a business space is furnished and occupied. Tradespeople have difficulty moving around, working, and moving equipment amidst furnishings and employees. While it’s ideal for renovations to take place before you move into a new building or offices, that ideal is often not reality. Frequently, renovations must occur long after the business has moved in.

Renting commercial storage in Kamloops can solve some or all of the issues described. Moving furnishings and office equipment to storage will give tradespeople the space they need to work efficiently and safely and can drastically reduce the time it takes to complete the renovation – saving you money! In many cases, a storage unit can also reduce or eliminate business downtime.

How to Use Your Kamloops Commercial Storage During a Renovation

The storage strategy you use during renovations will depend on many factors, including the office size, configuration, number of employees and more. The following are a few ideas to help you make the most of your Kamloops commercial storage unit.

Move everything to your storage unit and close the office during renovation.
If your business can afford to be closed during renovations, especially extensive renovations, this is the best scenario. All of your belongings will be safe and secure, and the renovation will likely be faster because the tradespeople will be working in a vacant space.

Move office furnishings and equipment room by room as its being renovated.
This option works best if you need to remain open during a renovation. You could, for example, schedule renovations to occur room by room so that only one space is out of service at a time. While this may be a little more work for you and your employees, doing so will still reduce renovation time while allowing you to keep your business open.

Reception area or waiting room renovations
If you’re renovating a reception area or waiting room, you can move all furniture, reception desks, workstations and artwork to storage. Without a commercial storage unit, you’d have to move these items to other areas of the office where they’ll likely be in the way.

Back office, kitchen or staff room renovations
When renovating the back office, which often includes a staff room and kitchen area, you can move all furnishings to your storage unit instead of temporarily moving them into other offices where they’ll take up space.

Use your commercial storage unit as a holding area until installation day
If you’ve ordered new cabinetry, sinks, artwork, fixtures, carpeting and other office furniture, equipment and appliances, you may need a place to keep them until installation day. Without storage, you may have problems coordinating deliveries to arrive on installation day, or, you’ll be forced to store these items in the office until they’re installed. If you have a storage unit, you can use it to store items until they are installed.

Rent Commercial Storage in Kamloops

Valleyview Mini Storage is becoming the #1 choice for commercial storage units in Kamloops. Our modern storage facility is open for access from 7am to 7pm, seven days per week. Our East Trans Canada Highway location provides fast and convenient access from anywhere in the Kamloops area. If you have questions about our facility or storage units, please contact us.