Decluttering Your Kamloops Business? A Commercial Storage Facility is a Must

Commercial storage for Kamloops business decluttering

Decluttering Your Kamloops Business? A Commercial Storage Facility is a Must

If you’ve never considered commercial storage in Kamloops to help you declutter your office or operation, there are many good reasons to do so. The longer you’re in businesses, the more you’ll understand the benefits of using a Kamloops storage facility, instead of in-business storage. Month by month, year by year, businesses accumulate equipment, furnishings, products, documents, and other business-related items.

Nobody likes to declutter, but there is a cost to letting your office clutter grow.

  • Unused furnishings and equipment quickly fill up in-business storage
  • When space in your business becomes full, any “spare” space tends to become used for storage
  • It’s difficult to find what you need when you need it
  • Items may become damaged when improperly stacked and stored
  • Expensive square footage is being used for storage when it could be dedicated to operations
  • Storing unused, but expensive items in offices is often not very secure

If decluttering nags at you, the tips below, and our Kamloops storage facility can provide relief.

Kamloops Business Decluttering Tips

While you may not be a hoarder by definition, most of us procrastinate when it comes to doing something that we regard as unpleasant or non-revenue generating in our business. Decluttering your business and moving unused items to commercial storage may seem like a huge undertaking, but if the task is divided into small, manageable sub-tasks, you will break through that psychological barrier that prevents you from starting in the first place.

The following are tips that can help you finally get it done!

Make a List

Making a list is a great way to beat procrastination. On your list, note things that are in the way, taking up space, seldom used but needed, or not needed.

Ask These Questions

Do I really need this?
By “need” we mean “Can my business function without this item in the office or business space?”

Do I need to keep this in the office?
If you think you need to keep something, that’s fine, but does it really have to be taking up space in your business? Placing it in secure storage may be the answer.

Could someone else use this?
If you don’t need an item, can someone else use it? If so, consider selling it or giving it away to a thrift store.

If I move this item to commercial storage, what do I gain and what do I lose?
This question is designed to help you decide to move unused items, seldom used items, or items with sentimental value. Logically, you lose nothing moving these things to a storage facility (they’ll be there when you need them), and you gain space, organization, and sanity!

Declutter in Stages

As mentioned earlier, imagining the entire decluttering task often leads to procrastination. Decluttering in stages can help. With your list in hand, box up a few items for storage, and either bring them to Valleyview Mini Storage, or move them to a staging area (see below) so they’re ready to move to storage when the time comes.

Move Obvious Items to Commercial Storage First

Move large, unused, but needed items first. Examples: old desk, old computer, tradeshow booth and materials. These items are the “low hanging fruit”. Moving them first will clear the most space with the least effort.

Schedule a “Decluttering Day”

Pick a day for you and your employees to box up and move items to storage. Scheduling a date and knowing that you aren’t doing it alone will help motivate you to get it done.

What to Look for in a Commercial Storage Facility

If you do a Google search for “commercial storage in Kamloops”, or “business storage” you’ll see there are quite a few choices, so how do you decide which Kamloops storage facility is right for you?

We recommend choosing a business storage facility that features the following:

  • Climate-controls that regulate humidity and temperature
  • Secure-entry, preferably using a key card, which is difficult for thieves to copy if lost
  • Video monitoring of every storage unit
  • Many sizes of storage units available for rent to suit your needs and budget
  • Easy access with plenty of parking
  • Convenient hours of operation

Valleyview Mini Storage, a residential and commercial storage facility in Kamloops, fulfills all of the above. In fact there is no other facility in the Kamloops area that does. Our climate controls protect items from mold, mildew, warping and other damage caused by humidity or extremes of heat or cold. We issue one key card per storage unit and our storage facility is video monitored, including every storage unit. Located on Trans Canada Highway, most Kamloops businesses are minutes away. Customers can access storage from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week and we have plenty of parking available.

Receive an Estimate for your Commercial Storage in Kamloops

Valleyview Mini Storage offers many sizes of storage units suitable for small to large businesses. Our helpful storage facility staff can help you estimate the size of business storage you need. Contact us today!