How Secure, Climate-Controlled Storage Can Save You Money

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How Secure, Climate-Controlled Storage Can Save You Money

Renting a storage unit in Kamloops can save you from the clutter accumulating around you and can also save you money. Most would agree that a lack of space is the main reason people rent storage, but aside from having a safe place for the things you don’t have space for, there are also numerous hidden monetary benefits.

Reduced Theft & Insurance Claims

If you don’t have a storage unit, you may be storing valuable belongings in insecure parts of your home, such as your garage, carport, back yard or back yard storage shed. If you move those belongings to secure storage they won’t be vulnerable to theft; you won’t have the headache (and futility) of filing police reports; and, you won’t have to file an insurance claim, pay a deductible or possible increase in premiums.

Eliminate Replacement Costs

If you rent a Kamloops storage unit, not only are you saving space, you’re saving replacement costs resulting from theft or environmental damage. Many people use their basement, garage or any other “spare” space they can find to store unused, yet valuable belongings. Belongings may be damage from being crammed into available space or improperly stored. They may also be damaged by humidity, heat, cold, and fluctuating temperatures.

Valleyview Mini Storage uses state-of-the-art security, video surveillance and climate controls. All of our storage units are in an environment where both humidity and temperatures controls keep your belongings safe from environmental damage.

Increased Business Operations Square Footage

Commercial property square footage is expensive and shouldn’t be wasted on storage. By moving belongings currently stored in your business to a storage unit, you may be able to make the space available for operations, so the space is making you money. You might be able to free up an office, increase the square footage available for administration, or give your employees more space in which to work.

Cost-Effective Home Business Supplies Storage

If you run a home business in Kamloops, a storage unit can save a lot of space in your home. Whether you need to store supplies, materials or products, a storage unit will help keep you organized and keep the clutter in your home to a minimum. While you could rent a larger office, or renovate, a storage unit is a less costly option with a lot of convenience. Valleyview Mini Storage is located on the Trans-Canada Highway just minutes from most parts of Kamloops and you can access storage from 7am to 7pm, seven days per week. Read “Home-Based Businesses You Can Run with the Help of a Kamloops Storage Unit” to learn the types of home-based businesses that benefit from having storage.

Rent a Storage Unit in Kamloops

If you’d like to rent a storage unit to free up space in your business or home, contact the folks at Valleyview Mini Storage. If you have questions about storage unit sizes and costs, please contact us. Our staff is always happy to help.