How to Choose a Personal Storage Facility. Focus on Value for Your Dollar

Commercial storage in Kamloops

How to Choose a Personal Storage Facility. Focus on Value for Your Dollar

Because there are many personal storage facilities in Kamloops, when choosing amongst them it’s important to understand how they differ, the services offered and the value you get for the price. In this article, we’ll explain what types of storage is available and what to compare when choosing storage.

Types of Storage in Kamloops

There are three broad categories of storage available in Kamloops:

Private storage
Private storage is sometimes referred to as “full-service storage”. Generally, private storage companies pack your belongings into a container and store the container in a warehouse. Access to your storage container is usually by appointment only.

Private storage often fulfills a short-term need, such as when moving. It may also refer to spaces privately rented by individuals. The space rented could be a garage, space in a building or warehouse.

Mobile storage
Mobile storage companies drop off a container in front of your home or business. You pack the container and the company moves it to a storage lot. To access your belongings, you usually have to make an appointment days in advance.

Mobile storage is a good option if you are moving and only need short-term storage.

Self storage
Self storage is shorthand for “self-service storage”. You are responsible for moving your belongings into storage and organizing your storage unit. Self storage is sometimes referred to as “public storage” or “personal storage”. Self storage is a good option for short or long term storage, particularly if you need occasional access to your storage unit.  Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops is a self storage company.

Compare Personal Storage Facilities

While price may factor into your decision when choosing a personal storage facility, it shouldn’t be the only consideration. The value you receive for the price is often more important.

Compare the following:

  • Storage access hours
    Can you visit your storage unit any time during access hours without an appointment or do you need to book in advance?
  • Location
    Is the location close to major thoroughfares and easy to drive to and from? Is there ample parking?
  • Storage unit sizes
    Are there many sizes of storage units available?
  • Climate controls
    Is the building climate controlled? A climate-controlled environment protects your belongings from cold, heat, and humidity.
  • Security
    Does the storage facility have a security system including video monitoring and security processes such as trolley check-ins and check-outs?
  • On-site packing and moving supplies
    Does the company sell a range of moving and packing supplies such as boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape?
  • Price
    When comparing storage company prices, remember that you get what you pay for. Compare the final rental price, but also the amenities and conveniences received for that price.

Questions About Personal Storage Options at Valleyview Mini Storage?

Valleyview Mini Storage offers secure, climate-controlled storage in Kamloops. With over 45 different storage unit sizes available, there’s a storage option for most needs and budgets. If you have questions about storage unit sizes, rental fees, or what you can store, please contact us. We’re always happy to help!