How to Choose the Right Kamloops Storage Company

Valleyview: the #1 Kamloops storage company

How to Choose the Right Kamloops Storage Company

If you’ve been looking for a Kamloops storage company, there are many businesses to choose from. How, then, do you find the right fit? Not all storage companies are created equally. While you may think that any storage, or the cheapest storage, will do, you also want to consider storage features, the company’s track record of service delivery, storage unit sizes, convenient hours and easy access, security and climate controls.

Valleyview Mini Storage ticks all the boxes.

Must-Have Kamloops Storage Features

When deciding between Kamloops storage companies, look for the following:

Storage Service Track Record

The testimonials you see on our website are from actual customers. Our clients, such as Sun Peaks Resort, often mention convenience, facility cleanliness, helpful staff, easy access, and ample parking. When assessing a storage company, go beyond the website and what it tells you. Find out what actual customers say about the business. Few storage companies match our dedication to customer service. After all, word-of-mouth referrals depend on happy customers.

Storage Unit Sizes

Look for a storage company that has many available storage units in many different sizes. If you don’t find the right size storage unit, you may have to rent more than one, or conversely will pay for a unit that is too large for your needs. Why pay for unused space that you’ll never use? Valleyview Mini Storage offers 45 different storage unit sizes from as small as 5’ x 5’ to as large as 10’ x 28’.

Convenient Hours & Storage Access

Many Kamloops storage companies limit customer access to storage units. Either you’ll need to make an appointment, or you may find the facility isn’t open when you need them to be – early mornings and weekends for example. Valleyview Mini Storage provides customers drop-in access (no appointment required) from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days per week.

Storage Security

Items you store should be secure. A secure Kamloops storage facility will have video monitoring, keycard-only access, and storage units that are only accessible from within the building. Some storage facilities use storage containers that are stacked outside on site, or feature roll-up doors accessible from the facility perimeter. Storage units that are outside are more vulnerable to break-ins, and your belongings are more susceptible to damage caused by heat, cold, humidity or dryness.

Our storage units are only accessible from within the building, storage units are locked and only those with keycard can access the storage area. We also use 24/7 video surveillance.

Climate Controls

For furnishings, electronics, textiles and paper to be safe, they must be stored at a constant, moderate temperature and humidity. Extremes of temperature or humidity, or extreme fluctuations in either, can do a lot of damage including mold, mildew, warpage, rot, rust or oxidation, and electrical short circuits of computer or electronic equipment.

Choose the #1 Storage Company in Kamloops

Our Kamloops storage facility is the first choice for residential and commercial storage. Our state-of-the-art facility and exceptional customer care set us apart. If you need personal or business storage and need help finding the right storage unit size, please contact us. Our staff can guide you to the right choice for your needs. We also carry moving and packing supplies!