How to Safely Store Furniture in Your Kamloops Storage Unit

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How to Safely Store Furniture in Your Kamloops Storage Unit

When considering moving furniture into your Kamloops storage unit, there are a few precautions you can take, and practices you can follow to keep your furniture safe. People who move furniture and furnishings into storage don’t always consider how improper storage techniques or shortcuts can cause harm to furniture materials. Whether your furniture is made from wood, fabric, leather, vinyl or other synthetic materials, improper storage can and does cause damage.

Furniture Storage Tips

The following are some easy to follow tips that will keep your furniture safe while it’s in your self storage unit.

Choose a Kamloops Storage Company that is Climate-Controlled

Moisture and temperature extremes can cause harm to anything you bring into your storage unit. Furniture is particularly vulnerable, especially if you store it for a long time. Without climate controls, wood can warp, and textiles can become damp and musty from humidity. Avoid storage facilities with the rollup “garage doors” you access from the outside for the building. They are the worst for moisture and humidity and create an ideal climate to damage your furniture and other belongings.

Valleyview Mini Storage is a climate-controlled facility with indoor storage units only. Temperature and humidity are kept within safe limits, even when Kamloops weather is extreme.

Clean Furniture Before Moving it to Your Storage Unit

If furniture is stained or hasn’t been deep cleaned for awhile, it’s wise to clean it before moving it to storage, particularly if you plan on storing your furniture for a few months or more. Stains, dirt, dust, oils from your skin and hair, don’t go away on their own and their negative effects get worse over time, especially in an enclosed space like a storage unit. Unclean or soiled furniture will begin to emit an odour – regardless of a storage facility’s climate controls – and that odour may become a permanent and undesirable feature. The odour may also be absorbed by other belongings in storage.

Disassemble Furniture

Some furniture and furnishings are easier (and safer) to store if disassembled first. Tables, shelves, dressers, desks, and bed frames are usually candidates for disassembly. Table legs, bed frames, and bed platform slats can be made safe by wrapping the “sharp” ends in bubble wrap or plastic. If you remove drawers from bedroom furniture or other storage furniture, tape the drawer glides closed so they don’t accidentally slide open and damage other items.

Avoid Stacking Furniture

While all of our storage units are 9’ high, it’s dangerous to stack furniture that high. Stacked furniture is more prone to tipping over and is awkward to access. Not only can furniture stacking damage other items in your storage unit, but it can also damage you!

Don’t Stack Boxes and Other Belongings on Top of Furniture

For the same reasons described in our “Avoid Stacking Furniture” tip, also avoid stacking boxes and other stored items on top of furniture.

Cover Furniture with Plastic or Tarp

If you plan on storing furniture for more than a few months, covering it with plastic or tarp can add an additional layer of protection.

Store Furniture at the Back or Top of Your Storage Unit

Most people who move furniture into their storage unit don’t need to access it frequently. By storing furniture at the back and sides of your storage unit, you’ll have easy access to other things in storage that you may need to access more frequently.

Looking for Self Storage Units in Kamloops?

Valleyview Mini Storage has over 45 different sizes of storage units. Regardless of your storage needs, we have a storage unit that’s perfect for you! If you need help choosing the right size, read “How to Choose the Right Size Storage Unit” or contact us.