Fall Cleaning in Kamloops – Storage for Your Summer Gear

Fall Cleaning in Kamloops – Storage for Your Summer Gear

Kamloops self storage box for summer stuffIt’s that time of year again. Summer has finally ended and it’s time to store the bicycles and helmets, kayaks, canoes, life jackets, food and beverage coolers, camping stoves, boogie boards, tennis rackets, badminton nets, camping and fishing gear. You get the picture. You don’t notice how much stuff you have while you’re using it, but, at the end of the season, when it’s time to find space for those things, you’ll ask the same question we all ask each year: “Where are we going to put all this stuff?”

We’re glad you asked. This is a job for Valleyview Mini Storage — a Kamloops self storage facility.

Our mini storage facility is climate-controlled, secure and video monitored, so your things will be safe and dry.

Why Climate-controlled Mini-storage is Important

Storing your summer things at storage facilities with outside “garage door” access, or in the garage or backyard shed is likely to result in dampness, and possibly damage from mold or mildew by the time you unbox them next summer. Not to mention, they’re likely not very secure.

Our indoor, climate-controlled, secure and economical self storage units, close to your Kamloops home, ensures your things stay dry and secure. The great thing about our mini storage facility is that it’s accessible 7 days/week via smart card and every unit is video monitored 24 hours/day.

Choosing a Storage Locker Size

Valleyview Mini Storage has 45 different sizes of storage lockers, each 9 feet high and with dimensions ranging from 5X5 to 10X28. Choosing the right size of storage locker requires some educated guess work, a measuring tape, a list, and a mobile phone. Yes, a phone!

Here’s how to estimate the right size of storage unit to suit your needs:


If all of your summer gear is stored in one space at home, such as your garage or basement, it makes estimating the required space much easier. In that case, measure the approximate length and width of the area where your things stand — taking into account that our self storage lockers have 9-foot ceilings.


If storage items are in boxes measure and/or count the boxes.

Take photos

If items for storage are in several places, use your cell phone camera to take photos of the different piles, stacks and items you want to store, then come to our Kamloops mini-storage facility for a quick visit or email them to us . We’ll likely be able to suggest the right locker by looking at your photos.

Make a list

Write down the name of the item, its approximate width, height and depth. Not only will this help us suggest the right storage unit, but it’s a great way to inventory your things. After a few months you won’t remember everything you’ve stored so when you are looking for that certain something, you won’t be racing around your home trying to find it — just check if it’s on your storage list.

On your storage list, highlight or asterisk items you are most likely to use once or twice between the time you place them in storage and next summer. When you are placing your summer things in your storage unit, put these in last so they are easier to access.

Contact Our Kamloops Self-Storage Facility

If you need help deciding on storage locker size, call 1-250-314-6253 or contact us, we can assess your mini-storage space needs and recommend a size. We’ll also provide you with tips on maximizing the space in your storage unit, and offer boxes, mattress covers, tape and labels to organize your space. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to park your car in your garage. Wouldn’t that be handy through the cold Kamloops winter!