Kamloops Storage Options and Savings for Students

Self storage for Kamloops students

Kamloops Storage Options and Savings for Students

If you’re a student looking for affordable Kamloops storage, there are many choices and ways you can save money. The following provides an overview of the types of self storage available and savings tips for students.

Types of Kamloops Storage Facilities

Self Storage

When you rent self storage, there are several types of self storage units to choose from, including:

  • Indoor self storage
    Some Kamloops storage companies are indoor storage facilities. Storage is accessible from inside a secure building. The level of security varies from company to company. Indoor storage is sometimes climate controlled, but not always.
    Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops offers secure, climate-controlled indoor storage, to protect your stored items from temperature and humidity extremes. You can access your self storage unit from 7am-7pm seven days a week.
  • Climate-controlled storage
    Climate controls are associated with indoor storage. Without climate controls, upholstery and clothing fibres can weaken and may become mildewy and sour smelling; paper may become damaged from “foxing” (a type of mildew or oxidization stain); and metal objects and metals in electronics may corrode.
  • Secure storage
    While most Kamloops storage companies have some form of security, indoor storage, which is accessible only from within a building, is usually the most secure.
  • Drive-up storage
    Storage units are accessible from the exterior of the building. You can drive a vehicle up to your storage unit door. While these units appear to be more convenient in terms of quick access, they are highly susceptible to moisture issues and rodents.
  • Outdoor storage
    With outdoor storage, metal storage containers are kept in stacks on a gated lot. Outdoor storage may also refer to rows of drive-up self storage sheds, much like small garages, located on a gated lot. Outdoor storage is rarely climate controlled, thus posing a higher risk of damage to your belongings. Although the outdoor storage lot may have some security, because storage unit doors are on the exterior, they are more vulnerable to break-ins.

Portable Storage Containers (Mobile Self Storage)

Portable storage containers are dropped off in front of your home. You fill them up and the storage company takes them away. Containers are stacked at an outdoor lot or in a large warehouse, so are less accessible than indoor storage because you have to call ahead if you want to access your storage unit. Again, these containers are not climate controlled and this susceptible to moisture and rodents.

How to Save Money on Storage Fees

The following are a few ways you can save money on student storage:

  • Share storage with a friend or roommate
  • Sell, give away, or recycle belongings then move your remaining items to storage. Why pay for square footage you don’t really need?
  • Find a Kamloops storage company that offers a student discount. At Valleyview Mini Storage, students save 25% when they prepay their storage rental fees. Students can also earn a $50 credit on their next month’s storage fee when they refer someone who then rents a storage unit.

Need Storage in Kamloops? Contact Valleyview Mini Storage

If you have questions about our Kamloops storage facility, fees or unit sizes, please contact us. Our secure, climate-controlled storage facility offers over 45 sizes of self storage units. Storage units are 9’ high regardless of their square footage. Our economical 5’ X 5’ storage units are very popular with students.