Moving Long Distance to or from Kamloops? Storage Makes it Easier

Moving Long Distance to or from Kamloops? Storage Makes it Easier

Whether you’re moving to, or from Kamloops, storage can make the job much easier. Valleyview Mini Storage is a family-owned local business with a long-standing reputation for providing secure, climate-controlled storage services at competitive prices.

Storage When You Move to Kamloops

If your items arrive and you don’t have room for everything in you new home, consider taking them to a self storage unit. You may want to store seldom-used items such as seasonal decorations, sports or recreational gear, or things you may want to sell or donate.

Storage When You Move From Kamloops

Depending on the logistics of your move, you may need to pack and store some belongings until moving day arrives. Sometimes, it’s necessary to move in stages. Perhaps your end-of-tenancy day is before moving day. Maybe you’re living with family or friends or in other accommodations until moving day. Whatever the reason, you could store some of all of your belongings at Valleyview Mini Storage until moving day. Our storage facility also sells moving and packing supplies on site.

Things to Do When Moving to or from Kamloops

Moving can be a logistical juggling act. The following checklist is a helpful reminder.

Find a reputable moving company

Read reviews and search the Better Business Bureau for A+ rated long distance moving companies. You can search by keyword phrase, province and filter by rating. If someone you know has moved to another province, ask them about the experience they had with their movers.

Sell, donate or give away belongings you no longer want

Don’t pay to move items you no longer want to keep. Have a yard sale or garage sale, give items to charity, friends of family, or sell items on Craigslist or Kijiji.

Inventory your belongings before you pack, or as you pack

When moving long distance, you’ll want to know if everything you packed arrived. Label boxes with a room name (e.g., ‘bedroom’, ‘living room’) or category name (‘clothing’, ‘books’, ‘kitchenware’, ‘computer accessories’). Use a sheet of paper or a spreadsheet and inventory items as you put them in boxes or as they are loaded on the moving truck.

File a change of address and get mail forwarding

Buy Canada Post’s change of address and mail forwarding service.

Find a cellular provider in Kamloops

Search Google Places for cellular companies in Kamloops.

Find cable and Internet providers in Kamloops

Search Google Places for cable and Internet service providers in Kamloops.

Discontinue banking, current utilities and other services

You may need to discontinue local banking, cable TV and Internet services, gas, hydro and electric, and home insurance.

Apply for a BC driver’s license

If you’re moving from another province or from outside of Canada, you can use your current driver’s license in BC for 90 days, after which the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) requires you to have a valid BC driver’s license. Use the ICBC driver licensing locator to find local offices in Kamloops.

Rent Storage in Kamloops for Your Next Move

If you’re moving, contact Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops and ask about our storage services. We offer 45+ different storage unit sizes. Whether you’re moving from and apartment or large house, our storage staff can recommend a storage unit that will suit your needs.